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What to wear for a professional headshot is THE most asked question I get as a photographer, so let's dive in!

Deciding what to wear for a professional headshot session can be so stressful that many people actually put off getting their headshot done in the first place!

It’s actually common that most people who come to me for a professional headshot are in need of a quick, clean headshot they can use for their website or business profiles, such as on Linkedin.

It’s also common that many of them do not really want to get these done!  Trust me, I understand not wanting to step in front of the camera – I’m behind it for a reason lol!

That’s why I created the 30 minutes OR LESS headshot experience I’ve been shooting headshots for over 20 years and specialize in modern, natural poses so you don’t look or feel stuffy.  And I’m quick about it!  Come in on your lunch hour and you’ll be done before you know it.

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professional realtor headshot asian woman in gray sweater with gray hair
professional headshot woman in yellow shirt on white background
santa clarita headshot woman with blond hair on white background with glasses
realtor headshot santa clarita man in suite with beard on gray background
professional realtor headshot woman with blond hair on gray background
professional business headshot woman with blond hair on white background
professional attorney headshot santa clarita man in suit on gray background
professional headshot santa clarita studio man on white background
black professional woman headshot on white background

Tips for color

I prefer to shoot headshots on a clean white or gray background so you can easily cut it out on Canva if for multiple purposes.  (I love Canva pro for all the fast and easy designs and templates!)

Additionally, I recommend sticking to ONE base solid color for your top. Remember, for headshots, we are focusing on your torso, so your legs typically do not show in a headshot unless you request a full body shot.  Most realtors and business professionals I photograph stick with a bright color or a neutral top and layer it with some kind of blazer or suit jacket.

The main thing to remember is that you want to stay away from too many prints because they pull the eye away from your face and that can create a chaotic feel to your image.  We want to create a cohesive, sharp natural look for you that will also be versatile across all your social platforms.

It’s highly recommended that you use your new professional headshot across ALL your socials to create continuity for your audience.  You want to be easily recognizable wherever it is they find you.

professional woman on white background business headshot
professional business headshot girl with dark hair on white background

How many outfit changes should I do?

You will be pleasantly surprised with how much variety you will get in a quick and dirty 30-minute session!  Because I’ve been shooting headshots since 1999, I move very quickly through the process, so I always suggest bringing more than the outlined two outfits – just in case we want to grab more.   It’s super easy to add a different jacket over the same blouse as well.

For men, try switching up your tie!  That alone can make a huge difference.

An important point to consider is your branding colors.  What will compliment your website colors when uploaded to your site?  If you don’t already have consistent branding colors, that’s okay too!  Just reach out and I will guide you through the process; in this case, we would want to stick to fairly neutral colors so you can repurpose them for a while until you get that branding dialed in.

Side note: if you are looking for a branding shoot, we offer those as well!  We do an all-inclusive, two-hour shoot complete with professional hair and makeup and these are typically on site (at either your office or mine – or a rented space).  You’ll get 50 images to populate all your social feeds and lots of variety.  Read more about those HERE and reach out with any questions!

two black women business owners branding photoshoot

How to choose the RIGHT images

Along with thinking about your brand colors, you’ll want to FEEL approachable in your professional headshot.  That means you should look like yourself – just you on your best day.

All your final images are fully retouched according to your own specifications and you get to choose your images from an online gallery, delivered within 24 hours of our session.  That’s right – even the delivery time is fast!

From there, you’ll choose your final images and we’ll get them retouched and sent over digitally asap!

Last thoughts

Small details like making sure your skin is exfoliated, your clothing steamed or pressed, and being clean-shaven if you’re a guy all make a big impact on your headshot.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll send a very detailed email prepping you for all these things and more prior to our photoshoot!

Your only job is to show up ready to have some fun!

Ready for your close-up? Let's get you scheduled!

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