How did a small town girl from Louisiana end up in LaLa Land?

When I say small town, I mean ONE traffic light kinda small town. I always knew I'd end up in a big city, so when I when I was 25, I dropped everything and moved to LA. Within two months, I met my now husband in a bar (as one does) & fast forward a few years, I'm a Mom of 3 with a killer photography business.

Turns out, you can't take the Southern out of the girl - even after 25 years of LA living.

You might hear my accent slip out if we're working together, but definitely if we're having a cocktail!  I miss my gigantic Southern family a ton so we do try and get down there as much as we can, but I gotta say that LA has my heart. It's where I started my family - and my business.

After getting a BA in Psychology and then a certification in Massage Therapy, I found myself a Mom of three kids under the age of two (yep, twins) and the wife of an actor. Life was moving FAST and I had NO clue what I wanted to do outside of being a Mom. My oldest son has autism & didn't speak until he was five, so I became obsessed with taking photos of him ... trying to figure out what was going on inside his beautiful head. Little did I know, I was planting the seeds of a thriving photography business that would fulfill me, both financially and spiritually. And then, life would shift once again when I discovered how much I LOVE coaching.


Take a peek into my life as a mom, wife & biz owner

There is so much out there that I still want to do and see! I adore California - it's what brought me to my husband and ultimately kids, but traveling is where I feel most alive. I've had the pleasure of working while traveling and being paid to travel which is pretty amazing, and I'm looking forward to getting more stamps on my passport soon!

What I'm 


Life in my 50's!  Listen, I love being a mom, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't absolutely ADORE the freedom I have now that all of them are grown! And my cats. I looooove my cats. 

What I'm 


Always diving into more trainings so I can be a better coach, parent and partner. This also looks like voraciously consuming podcasts as well; I have a slight obsession.

What I'm 

not about

Mean girl mentality, hustle culture, cold plunges, cross-fit, pelaton, early mornings, rudeness, cheap wine, boring photos, drama. 

what I


That we all have the power to change our lives and that it all starts with how we FEEL. That our unconscious mind holds all the keys. That magic is everywhere.


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It's        happening

is meant


to be

— my mantra

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