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transformational photographic experiences for people who are looking for something "more" than the basic photosession - is this you?

What I believe:

taking a selfie is easy, but trusting a photographer to create images of you with care and intention isn't, so any time you step in front of MY camera, I want you to feel like the badass you truly are - and it's my job to help you embody this .... all you need to do is show up & trust me

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High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits



Lifestyle & Branding

Lifestyle & Branding

your senior portraits should never be basic - you're far too dynamic for that

here's what I mean ....

I want to capture the real you

about Renee headshot with camera photographer

Hey there, I’m Renee and this is where I tell you why you should work with me 😜

But here’s the thing – you should ONLY work with me if you feel a connection to me and my content.  Life is too short to work with anyone who doesn’t align with your values.

I truly believe that.  Especially after the last couple of years …. if we have learned anything, it’s that we should only give our time and energy to those who lift us up and make us feel good.

I’d like to think that I can be that person for you – because when you get in front of a camera, it can be SUPER WEIRD.  It’s not the most comfy place to be in, am I right?  I know that I definitely don’t like being photographed – so I make sure my clients feel supported throughout the entire process.

That means we have lots of communication beforehand so you never have to worry about what to expect.  What we do is a collaboration – you will be involved every step of the way.

This is YOUR experience and I’m here to guide you through it.

Click here to find out more about me and reach out so we can chat about making this experience something to look forward to.

oh, I've also been shooting headshots for over 20 years


Nobody likes having to get their business headshots done, trust me!  That’s why I offer various options for you – starting with just a quick 30-minute session that you can do on your lunch break!

Whether you’re a corporate pro or a small business owner, you just need to have a great, current headshot that not only looks like you on your best day, but that also communicates who you are.  By now, you know that your potential clients will stalk you online before they decide to work with you – it’s up to YOU to decide what kind of content you’re showing them.

And actors, I got you!  I’ve been married to an actor for 23 years – I actually started in photography by shooting headshots for him and his friends on FILM.  I know what casting directors like and what’s currently trending in that world – and we have various backdrops at the studio to make sure your session is uniquely you.

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My senior session with Renee was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I have EVER had.  She and Jami made me feel so beautiful and so comfortable.  And because of Renee, I had the opportunity to win the Senior’s Ignite National Model Competition and those two days in Palm Springs were life-changing!  

Reneebowen Ps

Ally Shipman

Wow!  The entire experience with Renee and her team of professionals is amazing!  Her attention to detail and her expertise are obvious in every aspect of your photo session!  She has a way of doing everything at once and still making every client feel special!  What an incredible experience!  We can’t wait for our next shoot!


Julie Hekkers

We hired Renee to shoot our wedding which was on 11-25-17. We personally know Renee, so it was so great to have a familiar face shoot our wedding. Renee is outstanding. Extremely professional, very kind, and she knows what she’s doing! She knew exactly the shots she wanted, and the ones we wanted. The very next day she had some sneak peak photos ready for us to share and print, which was exciting. We can’t wait to get the rest of the images to look over. Thank you Renee!


Jenny Kvammen