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These days, we hear it everywhere ….how IMPORTANT branding is.  It’s not hype – it’s true.  If your website and social media branding are not on point, it could cost you far more than a few likes; it’s how you communicate with your target client(s). 

And you don’t have to be a millionaire to get a killer branding package either. 

Reneebowen Sarnoblog

When clients hit your site, you want them to instantly feel at home and comfortable – yes, even if you feel like a stuffy lawyer lol.  This does not mean you portray someone you are NOT; quite the contrary.  The most important thing you can be is authentic (I have come to hate that word because it is over-used, quite frankly); however, that is the word that best describes the intent here.  You’re not going to put yourself out there as someone you are not, but instead, communicate your true self – while framed in a professional and flattering way. We all have the vision of how we see ourselves …. communicating THAT is what we are trying to do here.  

And you don’t get that result by hiring a junior photographer to shoot these very important images.  Some branding companies have people they hire to do their photos – and while they might be “fine”, they really need to be great in my opinion.  Now is not the time to skimp on the way you look online.  Let’s face it, we are our own worst critics – and part of the job of professional is to not only shoot you in the most flattering way but also EDIT you in the most flattering way.  

What does that MEAN?

It means I would never think of handing over my images to anyone “in-house” to edit them.  When you hire me for a branding package, you get ME – from start to finish.  We work together to decide on the mood and vibe of the shoot – of your story.  We collaborate on Pinterest or other sites to make sure we are both on the same page with how we will communicate your unique brand.  

It means you will see a gallery of proofs within a week and from there, you’ll choose your top 20 to be fully edited and retouched.  THIS means you can decide how much editing you prefer; I never EVER release unedited images to be shown anywhere.  The images I shoot are my brand and I need those to also be consistent.  Further, you do not need to place any additional filters or edits on TOP of my editing when posting online – it tends to make retouched images pretty awful – and hello, we’re doing this to be cohesive and polished.

Reneebowen Sarnoblog
Reneebowen Sarnoblog

Your wardrobe, hair and makeup – ALL need to be cohesive and we can help with everything, from start to finish.  I prefer to work with the amazing Jami Cox for hair and makeup!  We even have the option to add a videographer to tell your brand story – a very powerful and useful marketing tool – again, the goal here is polished and professional.  ( talks about the importance of video in a great article earlier this year – check it out here:

Reneebowen Sarnoblog
Reneebowen Sarnoblog

Branding packages start at $800, with the option to add services.  I only take on a handful of these projects per quarter, so use the form below to get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more info!

this post features shots from my shoot with the amazing Christine Sarno with hair by Kyle David and makeup by Tasha Focarelli


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