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Tap Into the Energy of Receiving {podcast}



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What IS the energy of receiving?

We live in a society that places great emphasis on ‘doing’. We are always running, hustling, achieving, striving. Yet, how often do we pause to tap into the energy of receiving? Receiving, in this context, refers to the art of accepting the abundant blessings life has to offer – be it compliments, gifts, or even success.

If we are constantly pushing and addicted to the grind, that leaves NO room for anything good to drop in. It’s also a huge recipe for burnout – something creatives are plagued with.

Our latest podcast episode explores this fascinating topic in depth, delving into the psychology of worthiness, societal conditioning, and how these elements influence our ability to accept and receive.

What’s blocking you from receiving?

We all have some level of deep-seated programming that often makes us resistant to receiving. For some, it’s major trauma, but for most of us, it’s other people’s stories that we sort of just “sucked in” and now we unconsciously believe them.

I think it’s important to offer up some practical insights on how to break free from this restrictive mindset, so in this podcast, we journey into the importance of fostering a calm nervous system and how it plays a crucial role in cultivating an open and receptive mindset.

The episode highlights the significance of assessing one’s openness to receive and understanding the societal cues that we’ve been subconsciously responding to. Our upbringing, the people we surround ourselves with, and our current state of mind can often act as barriers to receiving.

Breaking down these barriers requires a conscious effort and a willingness to change our ingrained patterns of behavior.

How do you open up to the energy of receiving?

One transformative tool that the episode highlights is hypnosis, a technique that can encourage a shift from the ‘doing’ mindset to a more expansive ‘receiving’ one. I’m especially fond of this one because I am a hypnosis practitioner and use it with my coaching clients often. I even have a private podcast that is dedicated to mindset and hypnosis tracks for creatives.

In this episode, we also touch upon the profound benefits of inner child work, which provides insights into the programming running in our unconscious minds. It’s crucial to note that this deep inner work often requires guidance or facilitation to navigate any associated trauma and to create a safe space for healing and growth.

The episode further provides practical and affordable ways to foster vulnerability and cultivate a sense of community. Suggestions include somatic therapies, receiving bodywork, joining a mastermind group, or exploring coaching and membership options. The key is to find options that resonate with your individual preferences and fit your budget.

What can receiving open up for YOU?

This episode serves as a reminder that it’s not just about the hustle, but also about creating space to receive, to feel worthy, and to allow abundance to flow into our lives. It encourages us to examine our resistance to receiving, transform it, and step into a life of greater abundance and fulfillment.

As we continue to strive and hustle, let’s also learn to pause, reflect, and receive. After all, the universe is abundant, and there’s plenty for us all. We just need to open our hearts and minds to receive it.

Let us know how this resonates with you as a creative entrepreneur – I always love hearing from you guys in the dm’s over on Instagram!  And as always, a review is deeply appreciated.  You might also like last week’s episode!

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