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Website Strategy: Get More Clients With a Website You LOVE {podcast}



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How is YOUR Website Strategy?

In the ever-evolving digital world, a well-designed website can be the driving force behind a successful business.  It’s also a non-negotiable in my book and one of the ways you can set yourself apart from all the other photographers in your market.

This is particularly true for creatives and photographers who rely heavily on visual content to showcase their work and attract clients. In this podcast episode, KP and Jessie from Inkpot Creative share valuable insights on website strategy and design, emphasizing its potential to book more clients, grow your email list, and even sell passive products.

A well-planned website strategy is paramount in the digital age.

As KP and Jessie explain, your website should have a primary goal, whether that’s booking more clients, growing your email list, or selling a product. Every element on your site should be designed to help you reach that goal. They also stress the importance of identifying your ideal client and crafting a website that truly resonates with them. This personalized approach can significantly enhance your website’s effectiveness and appeal.

Your website really needs to be speaking TO your target clients in their own words so they resonate with you, your vibe, and your work.

The episode also delves into the nuances of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

SEO is an integral part of any website strategy, as it optimizes your website for the Google algorithm and helps increase your site’s visibility. KP and Jessie discuss the power of blogging in attracting potential clients and enhancing SEO. A case study is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods, showing a 39% increase in website traffic for a wedding and lifestyle photographer and over 90% conversion rate from lead to bookings!

There is no doubt about it – blogging can be HUGE for your photography business, but most photographers in my coaching groups simply do not do it. It is my hope that this podcast episode helps shift that perspective by giving some great tips that are actually very easy to implement. It is not as hard or time-consuming as you may think.

Inkpot Creative has even created an affordable course called Blogging for Business that will teach you exactly how to set up your blog for success.

What are some website strategy mistakes?

KP and Jessie delve into how to track the success of your website strategy and avoid common website design blunders. They discuss the use of Google Analytics and Hotjar to measure metrics like time spent on pages, most visited pages, source of traffic, and keyword rankings. These tools provide invaluable insights that can guide you in refining your website strategy and achieving your business goals.

It’s imperative that you understand how your target client is acting and reacting to your website – or lack thereof. When you know what is not working, you can adjust and streamline.

A case for cohesive design in your website strategy.

The podcast episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of cohesive design for photographers. KP and Jessie underscore the need for consistency between your website and social media accounts. They advise on the number of photos to include in an online portfolio and the importance of having compelling copy on your website to connect with visitors.

They both drop some seriously FIRE tips that you are going to want to implement asap, so make sure you listen to the entire episode.

In a world where digital presence is critical to business success, understanding and implementing effective website strategies can give your business a competitive edge. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, the insights shared by KP and Jessie can empower you to revamp your website, optimize your SEO, and propel your creative business to greater heights.






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