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When was the last time you had an updated headshot?  If you’re a business professional, this is one of THE most important aspects of running your business, so if your answer is “I don’t even remember”, then it’s time, my friend!

Your headshot/profile pic is the first thing your clients see when they hit your social accounts; I have spoken extensively about how incredibly important your branding is many times, but I know that cost is a factor when scheduling these for most people.  Time as well, because who feels like scheduling 3 hours out of their day to get updated headshots??!!

That’s why I’m putting together a full day of back to back headshot sessions – so you can get in quick and painlessly – at a much lower cost than my normal headshot sessions. 

You really don’t want to miss this – I’ve never offered this and because of the work involved, I’m not sure I will again!

On July 28th, I will be holding back to back sessions for most of the day at a studio location here in Santa Clarita.  I’ll have my makeup artist Jami on hand for small touchups in case you need it, and we’ll shoot for 10-15 minutes.  If you’ve never seen me shoot, you might be thinking that’s not enough time to get some great shots, but you’d be wrong 🙂 

I’ve been shooting headshots longer than any other genre of photography.  I started shooting them wayyyy back in the 90’s on film for the actor friends of my husband.  My portrait work is still very much about a killer headshot, so it’s deeply ingrained in me – even now.  Not only do I love shooting them, but they’re also not hard for me – it’s a strength of mine and I’m not afraid to toot my own horn about it! 

And, we have a lot of fun shooting them – no matter how “awkward” you might feel in front of the camera, I can get you to relax asap – trust me.

Headshots By Renee Bowen Copyright
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Maybe you’re an actor and you need some updated shots for casting sights?  This is the perfect opportunity to jump in and grab a few quick shots. My normal session fee for a headshot session is $425 with five final retouched images, so you’re getting this for a little over half of that but with the same number of final images!  Don’t worry about what to wear – I’ll send you info on that once you reserve 🙂

Screenshot ..
Screenshot ..

Or maybe you’re a real estate agent or you run your own business?  You know that headshot from the early 90’s isn’t cutting it any longer! Sorry, sis, it’s time to get an updated shot – your clients need to know the REAL you, but don’t worry ….. I’m a whiz at retouching and can do anything you request (within reason lol).  You should look like YOU but just you on your very best day.

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]
headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Wait, I’m a guy!  Well, yes, you too need a good headshot, sir!  I know you don’t want to take the time to do it, but I’m here to tell you that in today’s world of nonstop images on social media, if you don’t have a good representation of who you are and what you really look like – and that you’re approachable – clients won’t even bother to reach out to you.  Let’s fix that!

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]
[weston_pricing_table name=”Headshot Mini Session” price=”$250.00″ color=”#a17abf”]

  • Santa Clarita Location
  • Five Final Retouched Images
  • High Res Digital Images


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Screenshot ..

The studio we are shooting at has incredible natural light and is surrounded by white walls – perfect for grabbing some lifestyle shots as well.  More and more, brands are reverting to using more natural, less formal headshots and portraits for their social feeds, so we will make sure to get those for you as well!

Your clients want to hit your social feeds and feel like they KNOW you.  Building that “know/like/trust” factor is so important today because we are constantly bombarded by images.  We need to be focusing on how to stand out but also how to connect with our clients.  The images your clients see need to communicate that immediately, while also being high-quality professional images.  Don’t underestimate the power of a great photographer!

How to Reserve

Click on the date – July 28th – on the calendar below and the available times will pop up.  Click the time you prefer and follow the prompts to reserve – that’s it!  You’ll get an email from me letting you know the address, as well as some ideas on what to wear, but please reach out with any questions!  I’m here for you 🙂  Can’t wait to meet you and shoot with you!!

**cancellation policy** – there are no refunds – if you must cancel for any reason, you will have a credit with me for a future shoot date.

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