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Inner Healing with Anat Peri: Insights for Creative Entrepreneurs {podcast}



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In an inspiring episode of “Tried and True with a Dash of Woo,” I had the pleasure of speaking with Anat Peri, founder of Training Camp for the Soul® and creator of the TCS Method™. With a wealth of experience in developmental work and trauma-informed coaching, Anat has developed a unique approach that combines mindset, somatic healing, and inner child re-parenting, specifically tailored to aid creative entrepreneurs.

Understanding Inner Child Wounds

Anat explains that the inner child represents our childhood selves and their experiences. When this aspect of our being is wounded, it reflects in our adult life, often hindering personal and professional growth. For creatives, recognizing and addressing these wounds is crucial, as unresolved childhood issues can stifle creativity and business acumen.

Anat’s 5 Steps to Inner Healing 

1. Awareness: The journey begins with becoming aware of our emotional patterns and their roots in childhood experiences. This step is essential for creative entrepreneurs to break free from self-imposed limitations.

2. Acceptance: Accepting these patterns and emotions is key. It allows creatives to embrace their vulnerabilities, fostering authenticity in their work and relationships.

3. Root Exploration: Understanding the origins of these patterns is crucial. For entrepreneurs, this often means confronting past traumas and re-evaluating their impact on current behaviors and business decisions.

4. Repair and Reparenting: This involves nurturing and providing what was missing during one’s childhood. For creatives, it could mean rediscovering and affirming their artistic voice and confidence.

5. Integration and Stabilization: The final step is incorporating these new insights into daily life and work. This empowers entrepreneurs to apply their personal growth in enhancing their creative output and business strategies.

The Benefits of Inner Healing Work for Creative Entrepreneurs

Inner work not only aids in healing from past traumas but also unlocks new levels of creativity and resilience. It leads to more authentic branding, empathetic leadership, and innovative business solutions. Anat’s method demonstrates how personal development is intrinsically linked to professional success.

Inner Healing from Childhood Trauma

Anat emphasizes that healing from childhood trauma involves more than just cognitive understanding; it requires emotional and somatic engagement. This holistic approach is especially beneficial for creative entrepreneurs, as it fosters a deeper connection with their work and their audience.

The Transformative Power of Anat Peri’s Journey

Anat’s personal journey is a testament to the transformative power of her method. Struggling with her own inner demons and unresolved issues, she discovered the efficacy of combining personal growth with professional development, leading her to create a holistic path for others to follow. She and I share a similar path in some ways, as I was a massage therapist for many years and have been intrigued by the mind/body connection for over 30 years.

Why Inner Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs

For creative entrepreneurs, understanding and nurturing their inner child is pivotal. It’s not just about healing past wounds; it’s about unlocking their full potential for a fulfilling, authentic, and prosperous career. Anat Peri’s 5 steps to healing provide a roadmap for this transformative journey.

Her insights and methods offer a powerful toolkit for creative entrepreneurs looking to heal and grow. By embracing and nurturing our inner child, we can transform our deepest pains into our greatest strengths, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling professional life.

Connect Or Work With Anat:

Check out her work HERE and connect with Anat on Instagram HERE.

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