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I’m just going to be real with y’all …. there are a LOT of outdated 90’s (and not in a good way 90’s) headshots out there ….

When as the last time you updated your professional headshots?  You haven’t? What are you waiting for? Headshots are so much more important than you think!

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

First Impressions Matter

In the online social world we all live and work in, that all too important photo of you is usually the first impression a future employer, client or business partner gets. The more professional and approachable your headshot is, the more likely people will reach out to ask about you, your business, your products. It’s your first chance to communicate you are trustworthy, friendly, and likable. Need another opinion? LinkedIn’s own research shows that profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without pictures.

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Showcase your Professionalism

Professional headshots do more than give prospective business partners an idea of what you look like. They also can do wonders for your business. Communication isn’t just verbal, it’s VISUAL too. Especially on the internet, where multimedia is king, a professional headshot also shows people that you care about details. They can be confident in your ability to take care of the details in your business dealings with them. It also lets others know you take yourself seriously, that you’ll take care of them, as well.

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Visual Branding is Important

Have you thought much about your visual brand? You should. Your competition thinks about their branding and so should you. Your headshot should present you in the best light, with a modern up-to-date look. If you’re keeping your look updated, then people will have confidence you’ll take personal care with their business too.

Let’s not forget the marketing materials for your company. Is your face on your company website, your business cards, signage or brochures? Keeping your face and style fresh is your first step to building your personal brand or strengthening the image your business has worked hard to build in your industry. It’s the way you and your business will stand out from the crowd.

headshots {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]


I understand how much you don’t want to do this … trust me!  99% of my headshot clients do NOT like being in front of the camera … most of them have put this off for YEARS and are still using a very old, dated headshot.  I have seen some serious photo anxiety – I get it!  Everyone wants to look great in their headshot, and that is why I take great care in the entire process … from lighting and angles to retouching (which is included), I am there for you from start to finish.  While we are on the subject of retouching, let’s talk about skin….your skin should not look plastic in a finished image; it should still look like skin!  By the same token, it should be professionally edited and retouched (ie. finished and perfected).   I highly recommend using Jami Cox for your makeup and/or hair as well, ladies …. it’s a small investment that goes a LONG way in photos that you will most likely be using for years go to come!

These are all important details to think about when hiring someone for your portrait – and why you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone.

Shoot me an email or text and let’s chat about getting yours updated.


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