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So happy to connect with you here! If you're a fellow neurospicy creative, I hope you appreciate the mish-mash of goodness I have here; it's a little nutty but I love it - hope you do too!

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Hey hey it’s time for Class of 2020 and Emily is here to continue showing off this year’s amazing senior class!  

gen z podcast girl and free city wall

I’m so excited to share Emily’s images and story today!  This girl … is the sweetest and I really mean that.  I know I say this about most of my clients, but what can I say – I have THE BEST clients and influencer team EVER.  And I do not take that for granted, you guys!

gen z podcast girl standing by shrubs

Emily wanted to hit Abbot Kinney for her session – which as you guys know – is one of my most favorite locations to shoot senior portraits or pretty much anything really.  I’ll shoot you eating ice cream at Salt and Straw, hanging on in front of the beautiful bougainvillea, or in front of the many, MANY killer murals there!  

I love that Emily wanted to incorporate her love of all things Marvel and Spiderman a little bit for her session … because y’all know how much my family loves Marvel and Spidey!  {Fun fact: my husband Andrew wrote, produced and starred in a short film back in the early 90’s (yeah he was like 21) based on Spiderman … he was Peter Parker of course.  It was called Lone Defender and he made it in hopes of getting it in front of James Cameron 🙂  I’m always amazed at Andrew’s drive and determination … he’s been living on his own since he was 18 and has been a working actor since ever since!} 

Okay, back to Emily lol!  We were able to find so many fun colorful ba}ckgrounds for this all the clothing she brought – and I loved everything!  I try and prep all my clients really well beforehand so they really know what to expect and what to wear for their session. 

I don’t believe in investing in an entire style closet, however – never have.  My clients want to be themselves; not re-wear things they saw other people wear.  They have their own unique personalties and I want that to come through in their images.  I have a handful of pieces that I will usually keep on hand in case something of theirs doesn’t work OR if we want to do something a little more than the typical senior portrait fasion, but for the most part, these girls handle their wardrobe on their own – with guidance from me.  I will NEVER tell them what I want them to wear; the first thing I always ask when looking at their choices is “What are YOUR favorite pieces?”.  Not Moms (although I ask that second) … what is their fave?  Because no matter what, we are gonna shoot in that!

gen z podcast girl next to art wall
gen z podcast spiderman shirt

If you shoot with me in and around Abbot Kinney, you better believe we are going to hit the Love Wall.  It’s a fave and every now and then … it changes.  The J Goldcrown – will go in and rework it in various ways and I’m always so excited to see what it will look like each time I’m down there.  This yellow Free People number was perfect in front of this wall!!!  The color omg.  And how insanely gorgeous is Emily?!!!!!

gen z podcast girl in a yellow dress
gen z podcast girl in front of heart wall
gen z podcast girl in yellow dress grafitti

Everywhere you turn here is just color upon color upon super cute little boutique!  I could seriously drop a ton of cash there (and have lol). 

gen z podcast girl in yellow dress

Okay … we need to talk about this jumpsuit!  As soon as I saw that hanging in her options, I knew for sure that we would be shooting in this.  I LOVE it and wish I could wear it!!!  It works so well with the florals that are everywhere on the side streets of Abbot Kinney.

gen z podcast girl walking down a path

Literally within about four blocks are several different options for colorful walls; I sort of have my routine of walking and shooting, walking and shooting down, but I’m always looking for new ones too.  Like the Arts District in Downtown LA (another location fave), they are always changing.

gen z podcast girl in striped pants suit
gen z podcast girl beside flowers

And then … sometimes, you just find a random set of bushes right next to where Salt and Straw is and it’s perfect for some backlit awesomeness.  What I see through my lens is usually far different from what it looks like from the street.

gen z podcast girl in front of brick wall

These tight shots really show off the beauty of Jami’s makeup and hair for Emily.  We of course like to keep our girls looking as natural as possible, while having enough makeup on to ensure they really show up in the photos.  I’ve always included makeup in my senior sessions – since I started speciailized in them way back in 2008 and I’ve been working with Jami now for NINE years.  Exclusively

People always ask me why I only work with one makeup artist – or – HOW I work with only one makeup artist.  My answer is this: I made it my goal to find someone who understood they way I shoot, but also my philosophy and mission for my senior clients – which is “a transformational experience meant to inspire and create meaning while ensuring all my clients feel valued and beautiful”. 

Jami has always just “gotten me”.  We met on set of a headshot session when she was fresh out of makeup school and I loved the way she did my client’s makeup that day, so I of course asked her if she would like to chat with me about coming on as my makeup artist for the senior business I was building at the time.  Luckily for me, she said yes.

Jami’s philosophy on makeup is keep it simple.  She understands fully what it feels like to be a teenage girl; the stress, insecurities, hormones, excitement, fun … all of it.  She quickly becomes bffs with each and every client and I’m proud to say that we both have life long friendships with our clients – they really do become part of our inner circle and tribe. 

I love that I never have to worry that she will do something outside of my vision.  I love that I can just have her show up on her own if I need her to – and I don’t have to even question that everything will be perfect – that not only will my client look amazing, but that she will FEEL amazing and cared for … valued

I cannot express my gratitude for Jami Cox more … she is my rock in my business and my sister in life.

gen z podcast smiling brown hair girl

Class of 2020, I just released dates for January – April of 2020, so those are now open for booking, as well as the handful of dates I have left for October and November of this year …. but those will go quickly now that school has started.  If you want to snag one, click HERE to see the dates I have open and you can reserve right from there, or fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!

And Class of 2021 – it’s TIME to sign up for the VIP list .. that means you get info on the Influencer team first, so click HERE to do that and watch my IGTV video that explains the process!  🙂 


xo, Renee

    gen z podcast dancing girl at sunset
    gen z podcast girl on the beach at sunset

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