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Every year at this time, I offer discounted mini sessions for families – they’re great for people who want a few images for their holiday cards, etc… I shot these at my favorite beach {that is no longer the awesome secret it was 10 years ago} on pretty much the most perfect SoCal day EVUH.  I’m not kidding, y’all….. it was a gorgeous day – the tide was WAY out, revealing all the hidden treasures in the tide pools and rocky areas….I shoot here often and it’s rare I see a day this picture perfect…

What made this even cooler…. is that I was shooting a family I’ve known for many, many years…I won’t date myself here, but let’s say it was a long time ago 😉  I actually shot Michelle’s maternity pics at this very beach….when it was not nearly as populated with photographers as it is now {I blame Yelp} 😮

How cool that they now have photos of Maya….growing up SO fast (and she is just gorgeous….)  – shot on the same sand and rocks where Michelle stood just days before giving birth to her.  Pretty freakin’ cool.

This was back when I was shooting film….*sigh*


and now here’s their updated family session….and um,  Michelle, you haven’t AGED!!!  {guess that’s what happens when you’re an esthetician}  Psst…. check out her site for skin care, massage and on location spray tanning!



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