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My TikTok Shop Faves

TikTok might get banned (which sucks) but until that happens, I’m all in on TikTok shop.  I have found some awesome pieces for Spring and Summer fashion lately and I’ll share them with you guys below. I also will be using some of these in my style closet for my high school senior clients!

(to get any of these, click my videos that are linked and then click the orange shopping cart – it’ll take you right to the product inside of TikTok)

First, this sweater is one of my most favorite items I’ve purchased in forever. It’s slightly oversized and I love the fit with a split hem. I went with the medium, even though I normally wear a small (I’m 5’4″, 122 lbs) because I wanted it to be even slouchier.


its super lightweight too so good for Spring #cozysweater #sweaters #styleinspo #over50style #womensfashion

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative

At first, I got the mauve purple (the one I’m wearing in this TikTok with 1 million views) and the dark green one, but I ended up getting more lol! And yes, that video went crazy viral!

The purple one is actually a very light periwinkle with faint specs of pink and I LOVE it so much. Yeah, the sweater is polyester, but it was $10! A friend of mine ordered three and said they were each under $5 😮

With our cooler evenings here in SoCal, this sweater is the perfect weight; not too thick and not too thin. Go grab one before they sell out!

Lightweight Jumpsuits for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and soon enough, I’ll be roasting out there shooting my summer senior sessions!  I will be LIVING in these jumpsuits, let me tell you. These are SO comfy and lightweight – perfect for those blistering days coming soon.


they are 50% off in Tiktok shop right now so grab one while they’re cheap SO comfy By @EVELLYHOOTD US #evellyhootd #jumpsuit #onesie #summeroutfit #comfyoutfits #fashionover50 #summerstyle #comfyjumpsuit #tiedye

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative


these jumpsuits are gonna be SO in this summer – I’ve had multiple people ask me where I got this one and at $14.99?! YES you cannot beat the price on this, considering how much I’ve seen them go for elsewhere!! Really well made ✅ THIS is the one 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #jumpsuits #summerstyle #springfashion #evellyhootd #womensoutfits #womensfashion #jumpsuitstyle

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative

That one is 100% a Free People dupe – it is EXACTLY like the FP one and SO much cheaper!

Two-Piece Sets

If you had told me I would be wearing matching sweatsuits in 2024, back in 1998, I would have laughed you out the front door! But here we are and they are so cute! Very comfy too which is perfect for those long editing days and nights!  These are my faves I’ve found:


this color is khaki size S & I’m 5’4”, 122lbs it’s cropped up at the ankle a bit which I like, making this 2 piece set great for shorter girlies It’s even awesome for those of us who don’t love cropped tops – it’s not TOO cropped VERY soft #sweatsuit #2pieceset #comfyclothes #comfyoutfits #fashionover40 #fashionover50 #springfashion

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative


this one is my FAVE – by far, the most well made two piece lounge set I’ve ordered 🙌🏼 but why is it so hard for me to pick a color?! #loungewear #loungeset #twopieceset #comfyclothes #comfyoutfits

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative


a more upscale two-piece set from @zesicaofficial that I love fits true to size, super well made & really comfy – definitely a win check out their store and lmk if you end up grabbing one of these! #zesica #zesicaoffical #comfyclothes #twopieceset #upscalecasual #casualoutfits #womensfashion #fashionover50

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative


Okay how cute are these lavender overalls?!  I’m obsessed and they are super thin so I can totally wear these in summer.


so freakin cute and I love this lavender! these overalls are thin enough for Spring and Summer and really soft and comfy #overalls #overallsoutfits #comfyoutfit #springclothes #springfashion #springoutfits #ootd #fashionover40 #cuteclothes

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative

Upscale Jumpsuit

I love this jumpsuit for Summer and it’s really easy to dress it up or down, depending on what you’re going for. I don’t have anything in this color so I wanted to try it out and although I very much need a tan lol, I love the way this looks and fits.


it’s not thin, so even in this color, you cannot see through it 😍 and SO soft & comfy!! 4 different ways to style it too comfy jumpsuit #jumpsuit #jumper #springstyle #springfashion #fashionover50 #womensfashiontrends #fashioninspo #easteroutfits

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative

The BEST Water Bottle

No joke, this is WAY better than the Stanley water bottle (I have one). This comes with two different handles and even though it’s 40 oz, it fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder. And I obviously LOVE the color!  You guys definitely need to go get one of these!


SO worth it – keeps everything ice cold for hours & I really love a 40 oz water bottle but hated carrying them around – this one doesn’t FEEL like it’s a 40 oz Love the colors too – definitely check this out 💜 #waterbottles #meoky #meokywaterbottle #40oztumbler #bestwaterbottle

♬ original sound – Abundant Creative

Like I said, I am slightly obsessed with TikTok shop! I’m also loving the affiliate program, so if you have any questions about joining that, let me know!  Hit me up over on Instagram – happy to chat. You do need 5,000 followers but there is a work around I just found out about, so lmk if you want info on that.

All the products linked here are linked through TikTok shop affiliate program, so I do earn a commission on anything you purchase through those links. 

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