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The Focus Fix for Creatives with Tiffany Napper {podcast}



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The latest episode of Tried & True With a Dash of Woo

In this episode of Tried and True With a Dash of Woo,

we explore the challenges that many creative entrepreneurs face with focus and procrastination and discuss practical tips and strategies to help overcome these obstacles. As business coaches for creatives, we understand the unique struggles that come with having a nonlinear, creative brain, and how it can sometimes hinder focus and productivity. Our guest, Tiffany Napper, is a creative business coach based in Nashville who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs all around the world find clarity and momentum in their businesses. She runs retreats and masterminds, as well as coaches clients one-on-one.

Together with Tiffany, we delve into the practical tools and mindset shifts that can help creative entrepreneurs regain focus and stay on track. We discuss the importance of setting boundaries, learning to trust your intuition, and embracing your creative brain rather than fighting against it. We also highlight the value of having a coach to guide you through the process, provide accountability, and support you in achieving your goals. As a certified life and business coach for creatives, I bring my own expertise to the discussion, particularly with my experience working with photographers.


During our conversation, Tiffany shares her experience in creating a journal that guides people through the process of staying focused and productive. Her journal is easy to use and has been wildly successful for many of her clients. We also discuss the importance of nervous system regulation and taking time for wellness retreats and self-care; something we know many creative women especially have a hard time making a priority. Tiffany emphasizes the value of retreating from everyday life to focus on personal and professional growth, which can help entrepreneurs come back refreshed and recharged.

Our discussion also touches on the issues that creative entrepreneurs face as they grow their businesses, including the problems that a lack of clarity can bring. We talk about the power of receiving, and how learning to lean more into that energy can help us find balance and create momentum in our businesses. Additionally, we explore how holistic coaching works, and how a coach can help entrepreneurs gain clarity and direction, as well as overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt.


Overall, if you’re a creative entrepreneur who struggles with focus and procrastination, this episode is for you. Tune in to learn practical tips and strategies to overcome these challenges, create clarity and momentum, and achieve success in your business. With our guidance and support, you’ll be empowered to take action and make progress toward your goals.

Grab one of Tiffany’s beautiful journals here: and use the code RENEE10 to get 10% off!

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