If you know us, you know that our “thing” is creating unique and fun holiday cards.  We’ve been at it for 11 years now … with my husband Andrew being the mastermind behind this endeavor.  And he’s kind of amazing at it!

I thought I would put a blog post together of all of them, since people are being added to our list every year and always ask to see the ones from the past.

X Mas Photo Flat
Bowen Holiday Card - Believe In Magic

This was our first attempt; before we decided to go with the movie theme. Andrew had the idea that they were looking up at Santa’s sleigh so I shot a pic of them and Andrew built the rest.

Kid X Mas Final
Bowen Holiday Card - Elf, Incorporated

Back when they were little, they were really up for anything 😉  Gotta take advantage of that while you can!!!

Bowen Holiday Card - Bowen Christmas Vacation

Now this …. this is where it gets a little crazy.  And it’s also where the idea behind the “movie theme” started.  I didn’t complain because hello – I didn’t mind my head on that body lol!  But I love the details he puts in – especially the boys holding their fave toys.  And we basically were the Grizwalds with all our road trip adventures!

Final Bowen Christmas Card Mergedsam
Bowen Holiday Card - Back To The Holidays

Next up, Back To The Future; this was super fun because the kids loved this movie and were super excited about the card.  (They’re teenagers now, so I bet you can guess how super excited they are to do these now!)  Avery’s face kills me in this lol.

Bowen Holiday Card - The Christmas Club

We were super excited when the kids were old enough to do this one … they aren’t all totally teenagers at this point, but it worked 🙂 

Lostbellsx Postcardfront
Bowen Holiday Card - The Lost Bells

We had to do a Lost Boys rendition – it’s one of our favorite movies of all time!  My favorite is Andrew in this! 

Bowen Holiday Card - A Fish Called Santa

A tad more obscure perhaps, but the cool people got it 🙂   And again, not complaining about having Jamie Lee’s bod.

Christmas Break
Bowen Holiday Card - Christmas Break

My fave!  I just love the boys’ faces in this lol – and just for the record, we actually shoot pics of us and then Andrew builds the entire card around the faces .. he is insanely talented at this!   And it kills me how Seth looks just like Patrick Swayze in this!

Bowen Juice Final Card
Bowen Holiday Card - Bowen Juice

That is some pretty epic photoshop action on Seth as Beetlejuice – that is his actual face from a photo that Andrew built!

St Nick Front
Bowen Holiday Card - St. Nick's Fire

This was another fave of mine because it’s my favorite movie probably of all time (I’m easy to please apparently but really – Rob Lowe in this, am I right?!)   I love this card!

Final Lotw Inside Card
Bowen Holiday Card - Lord of the Wreaths

This was by far the most intricate … it was a foldout (4 sided so that’s why there are two photos) and omg the details Andrew included!!  If you look very closely, the kids’ faces from our very first card are all the characters from LOTR – it’s nuts.  And yes, that is actually Seth’s face – not Elijah Wood’s 😮 

Lotw Front Final
Bowen Holiday Card - Lord of the Wreaths
Finallyalone Front
Bowen Holiday Card - Finally Alone

And that brings us to 2018!  The kids’ faces in this are pretty accurate for their true feelings in having to participate in this yearly thing of ours … they’re kinda over it but hey, we have a tradition to continue and the show must go on!!  

We hope you all have a great holiday – it’s been a heck of a year for us … lots of changes and transitions for sure.  With young adult kids, Christmas has a whole different feel – and yes, some of it is melancholy (I would be lying if I said we weren’t a little sad and nostalgic that the “magic” is gone) but – it’s also pretty cool to sleep in on Christmas morning and not be up all night building a trampoline 🙂  Kiss your littles and soak up all the magic of the season …. it goes by way too fast!!!

xo, Renee

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