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Summer Fashion :: What to Wear for your Senior Portrait Session



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Ok, y’all!  Summer is officially here and I am super pumped about the sessions I’ve got scheduled in the next couple of months! I have a feeling that my 2018 Seniors are totally gonna rock, but of course, all my seniors rock!  Why should the 2018 seniors be any different?

Looking at my summer calendar fill up got me thinking about what they might be wearing – and I know that this can be the source of so much stress for my clients.  I want to try and help alleviate that stress with this blog post — hopefully some of these tips will set your mind at ease and get you prepared for your upcoming session!

This summer’s trends are off the chain – bringing me back to those glorious days as a high school student in the ‘80s!  (and college in the 90’s!) So many throwbacks happening when it comes to the fashion trends – along with some new looks too. Here are a few of my favorites:

Show me your Shoulders

Bare shoulders are back. Whether you show one or both, these off the shoulder tops and dresses are just too awesome!

Fashion Blog

Flower Power & Prints Galore

It seems like florals are always in, but this summer head-to-toe flowers is what all the girls will be wearing! Anything from subtle soft patterns to bold and bright – think 60s and 70s wallpaper!

Fashion Blog

Wear your words

Slogan tees are making a huge comeback! Whether it’s the latest Insta meme, your fave band tee – or something that is “just you,” those catchy phrases are making a huge impact in the fashion world. Let your shirt do all the talking!

Fashion Blog

Denim Everywhere!

There’s nothing that says “I’m comfortable in my own skin” like a good pair of worn out jeans. Pair them with a cute crop top, your favorite statement tee, or an off-the-shoulder floral number  (pssst … denim SKIRTS are huge this year ….. making a big come-back, so get you one!)

Fashion BlogWrap me in Denim

Let’s talk about JEAN JACKETS while we are on the subject of denim!  Timeless …. literally can be thrown on with anything – and can take an outfit to a whole different place super quick.  Bring yours on your shoot!

Fashion Blog

Long Flowy Dresses 

This is a constant in SoCal … we love our summery long dresses and Free People is THE place to get them.
Fashion Blog

Hats for the win

They’re an awesome way to keep the summer sun out of your eyes, all the while giving off a glam vibe that says “Do not disturb.” They’re nice to wear to the beach or out for a shopping trip in DTLA!

Fashion Blog


Guys …. a huge new trend this year is kimomos …. pair them with shorts or jeans – or a bathing suit …. they’re amazing and oh so colorful!

Fashion Blog

The White Dress 

I know that I say stay away from too much white during your session, but the long white dress is really IN right now … we will make sure all the details (such as lace, etc.) do not get “blown out” in the photos (this is one of my biggest pet peeves – when I see a gorgeous white dress and the details are TOTALLY lost because the person shooting the photo doesn’t know how to expose properly for white)  Nothing says “summer” more than a pretty white dress!

Fashion BlogColor!

I am a huge fan of color … I love, love, LOVE incorporating color into sessions!!  This can be an entire outfit or one piece that just makes the entire ensemble “pop”.

Fashion Blog

One more thing I’ve seen coming down the pipe this season is body suits …. these can be worn as tops or as one piece bathing suits!  Would love to shoot more of these ..

Fashion Blog



Some other fun things to look for this season:

Embellished Slides:

Screen Shot At .. Am

acccording to pinterest’s style report, searches for these babies are up 327 percent!


Screen Shot At .. Am

searches for gingham are up 100 percent this month

Scarves on your ANKLES:


Screen Shot At .. Am

yes, you’ll see lots of this during summer!  I think it’s pretty darn cute and I need to visit some of my favorite vintage shops in LA to find some killer scarves!!!  (links to some of those places are at the bottom of this post!)

Millenial Pink:

Screen Shot At .. Am

yeah, this is a color that seems to NEVER go out of style, but it’s REALLY IN right now…. searches for this is up 2500 percent!!!

Where to BUY:

and my favorite thrift stores in Los Angeles:

I really do love thrift stores – it can be time consuming to shop there, but I think it’s way more fun than shopping for new items – especially in Los Angeles …. you really never know what you will find!!

I hope your summer is going well and I am looking forward to working with lots of you in the coming months …. NOW is the time to reserve your senior portrait session ….. there are only a few dates left for summer and fall!

SPRING dates will be announced very soon …. make sure you’re on the list to find out when!

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