Happy First Day of Spring!   We’re having the most amazing superbloom here in California  …. I’m dying to get out there and shoot in it!!

But this beauty may win the prize for coming the furthest to have her senior pics shot by yours truly! Emma is here all the way from ITALY!!!

Emma {Portraits by Renee Bowen http://www.reneebowen.com} [post_title]

OK, she didn’t actually travel that far for the actual shoot, but she is a really long way from home. Emma is a foreign exchange student at West Ranch High School and just the sweetest, most fun girl EVER — and I love her accent 😉

Emma {Portraits by Renee Bowen http://www.reneebowen.com} [post_title]

Jami came along for hair and makeup, focusing on Emma’s natural beauty. Her vibe is very California girl. You’d never know she wasn’t born and raised here! She rocked this dress … FreePeople should totally hire her as a model because all her outfits were FP and she looks amazing in every single one!

Emma {Portraits by Renee Bowen http://www.reneebowen.com} [post_title]

We shot Emma’s session at Vasquez Rocks and it was the most PERFECT day! All the rain we’ve been having here in the LA area has totally paid off! There was soooo much green, more than we’ve had in YEARS….

Emma {Portraits by Renee Bowen http://www.reneebowen.com} [post_title]

I can’t even with the black outfit …. it’s so killer against this terrain.

Emma {Portraits by Renee Bowen http://www.reneebowen.com} [post_title]

The local areas that I shoot at are just absolutely amazing this spring!  You’re totally going to miss out if you don’t get your senior pics done now…. who knows what’s going to happen to all this lush greenery once the summer heat gets here?  BUT, you’ve got to get in touch NOW … I only have a couple of spots available before graduation….  Give me a shout today!

Here’s some more shots from Emma’s gorgeous shoot – enjoy! (Be sure to tag @reneebowen if you share on social media!)

Class of 2018 ……

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