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For one week only, I’m offering senior photography education at a huge discount! My best courses are discounted for a SUMMER SALE.


woman in pink sweater looking up and smiling at a sign that says summer sale on our most popular courses for senior photographers

Many of the senior photographers in my communities are having a really hard time getting clients right now. It’s June, so if you don’t have clients already booked for summer, this time of year is really tricky to get new bookings.  People are just finishing a school year and are NOT thinking about booking their senior portraits right now.

July is also historically hard to get new senior portrait clients because people are on vacation and again – not thinking about school.  So what can you DO?!

Well, I don’t recommend discounting your work and offering basic shoot and burn mini sessions at a park because everyone else is doing that and what gets you clients is NOT doing what everyone else is doing.

Stand OUT

This is an ongoing topic of discussion in my one on one coaching and group coaching because a lot of senior photographers are seeing a huge drop in bookings right now. 2021 was a banner year for most of us, but leads have dwindled a ton since then and some of you are going to blame the economy, but I want to remind you that we have had ebbs and flows before.

I started my senior photography business in 2007 and it was just starting to really take off in 2008 when the crash happened. I GREW my business exponentially during that time and all through 2012, so I’m sorry but the economy is only a factor if you are competing on low prices. There’s a TON of competition at the bottom.

We want you on TOP

The way to do this is with positioning. You’re in sales if you are trying to make this business profitable. Embrace SALES and the processes of making them. I teach you this inside of Fearless IPS – part of the SUMMER SALES.

woman in pink sweater looking up and smiling at a sign that says summer sale on our most popular courses for senior photographers

Clients won’t magically appear – you need to be marketing and selling ongoing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not someone I’d recommend listening to.

The senior photography education world is filled with “coaches” who may or may not be successful.  How do you really know if you can trust them? Those of us who have been at this for awhile and who have also evolved with the times have testimonials and reviews to fall back on, but newer educators (who might actually be good at this) don’t have that yet.

The one thing that does set me apart in the senior photography education world is that I am also a certified life coach. Why does that matter?

You are only as successful as your unconscious programming will allow you to be.

I can teach you all the strategies to build a successful and profitable senior photography business, but if you continue to operate from old limiting beliefs, money blocks and programming that you didn’t even sign up for (in childhood), you will never truly get what you want.

All my senior photography courses include some level of mindset coaching, but you’ll get the most from working directly with me, either one-on-one or in a group setting. If you can’t do that, then grab these courses I have on sale while you can – the prices are NEVER this low.

I also never offer my Level Up program without the coaching included, but you can grab it during this sale for a HUGE discount if you think you can work through all the content on your own … be warned – it’s a LOT of info. I created it to be the only senior photography course you would ever need.

woman in pink sweater looking up and smiling at a sign that says summer sale on our most popular courses for senior photographers

Build a SENIOR REP TEAM the right way

Most senior photography educators teach you to randomly build a senior rep team by just hoping and praying you’ll attract some people on Instagram, and that they will follow through and submit a questionnaire (not likely with today’s teens), then just charge them a small fee to be on your team and hope they actually market for you.

This is not a viable solution anymore. Our Gen Z and Gen Alpha clients are far too savvy – they want something more than what every other senior photographer is offering for a senior ambassador program.

Be different

I teach you exactly how to do this, how to work with other brands to expand your reach and how to have a consistent flow of clients coming in year-round inside of The Creative Team Method.  You can get it for $600 off right now during this summer sale, so HURRY. 

title card with a woman smiling at camera and the words the creative team method promoting a senior rep program for senior photographers

It’s all waiting for you HERE!


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