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This is Presley, a Valencia High senior, and a model rep on my #rbmodel team!
Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley is such a laid back girl and super fun to hang out with! We shot her session out in Malibu at one of my favorite hiking trails. Although, there was no hiking to be done this day – LOL – ok, maybe a little! I always tell my clients they’re going to get some exercise, no matter what. Haha!

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

This spot is great because it’s pretty close to a killer beach (you’ll see in a second!) It’s good for when you want your session to be both natural/green AND beachy! I am all about maximizing your shooting time. The less time we have to drive anywhere, the better. It leaves more time for shooting!

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Like lots of my clients, Presley rarely wears makeup. But, as we explain to all of my models and clients, the makeup is not there to cover you. It’s there to enhance you, to bring out the best in you! OK, can we talk about Presley’s amazing eyes! OMG! Jami did such an amazing job. She kept Presley pretty natural, but she could not help herself with those eyes lol. They are just incredible and called for some darker liner to make them pop.

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

I totally loved her outfits. She wears lots of free people and this DRESS? OMG. (OK, I know, I’m saying that a lot, but this girl…come on!) The color was PERFECT with our surrounding. I love these shots SO much.

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Then we headed to El Matador Beach. It’s a super big fave for photographers here in SoCal. In years past – like 15+ years ago – there was NO one at the beach. On the day of Presley’s shoot, there were at least 10 other photographers. And we were there on a Monday afternoon – lol. Oh well, who can blame them, right? It’s insane how gorgeous it is here. I used to drive here by myself when I first moved to LA back in ’95 and just sit and think about how amazing it is that I LIVE here! This Louisiana girl is still awestruck by the beauty of CA and all that we have to enjoy. I’m also grateful I get to shoot senior portraits all year long because of our amazing weather.   This is why people come from all over the country to shoot here!  I have tons of clients from out of state every summer who want to shoot their senior portraits in CA … I mean, who can blame them, right?

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

After hiking down to the bottom, we found some nice low-tide water and less than dangerous waves (which is NOT the norm if you come here during the summer, just fyi …. the tide can get so high at this beach that there is barely room to pass between the rocks and the ocean). Presley had this beautiful white dress and we shot a lot in that before the light changed.

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

The sky put on a gorgeous show for us. So many purples and pinks came out to say hi. Presley looked stunning in that white lace top. It’s still very casual and “her,” but really popped against the sky.

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

We had to grab some sunset silhouettes on our journey back up to the top! I popped out the ice lights for a few and then grabbed the peace sign as a farewell to our amazing shoot day!

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

Here’s her mobile app – all my model reps get them!

Presley {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

You can see more of Presley’s shoot in her slideshow!

One more little fun thing from Presley’s shoot!  lol love boomerang
LA peeps …. it’s almost pilot season and I know you need new headshotshit me up because January is literally the only month I really have time to slide people in … especially last minute. We can get Jami to do your hair and makeup and you’ll be SET.
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oh, and if you are a 2018 Senior … tonight is your last shot to apply for the #rbmodelteam — head over to the application page and submit before midnight!!

xoxo Renee

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