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Own Your Inner Magnetism & Become The Most Interesting Person in the Room with Jocelyn Sandstrom {podcast}



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In our latest episode of Tried & True with a Dash of Woo, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jocelyn Sandstrom, an expert in energetic presence and transformation. We explored the fascinating topic of magnetism and how it can help you become the most powerful and interesting person in any room. This blog post dives deeper into our conversation, highlighting key insights and practical advice that will empower you to embrace your unique energy.

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Understanding Inner Magnetism

Magnetism is the ability to attract and captivate others effortlessly. Jocelyn and I discussed how true magnetism isn’t about ego or trying to prove anything to anyone. It’s about being in your inner power, knowing it, and leaning back into it with confidence. Imagine being in a room where people naturally gravitate towards you, not because of what you say or do, but because of the energy you exude.

The Energy We Radiate

We are all energetic beings, and our energy can either attract or repel others. Jocelyn shared an insightful analogy about being in a restaurant and noticing someone who is just magnetic. You can’t explain why, but you feel drawn to them. This kind of magnetism is about living in your highest expression, which creates a resonance that others find irresistible.

Common Energetic Blocks

To cultivate magnetism, we need to overcome common energetic blocks. Jocelyn identified these blocks as external validation, people-pleasing, and living according to others’ expectations. Many of us get stuck in the cycle of trying to be everything to everyone, which dilutes our true essence. By reprogramming these blocks, we can align with our authentic selves and become genuinely magnetic.

Embodying Your True Self

Embodying your true self is the key to magnetism. When you live in alignment with your highest expression, you naturally attract the right opportunities and people. Jocelyn emphasized that this embodiment makes your energy effortless and attractive. It’s about being so in tune with who you are that your presence alone draws others in.

Techniques to Enhance Magnetism

Jocelyn shared several techniques to enhance your energetic presence and magnetism. One of her favorites is the soul evolution process, which helps you get in touch with your big why and align your actions with it. Another powerful tool is understanding your human design, which provides insights into your unique energy blueprint. These practices can help you radiate magnetism in every aspect of your life.

Real-Life Stories of Magnetism

We also shared personal stories that illustrate the power of magnetism and synchronicity. Jocelyn’s story of winning a brand immersion package while resting and my own story of meeting my husband are perfect examples of how trusting your inner knowing can lead to incredible opportunities. These stories highlight the importance of following your intuition and embracing the magic of synchronicities.

Practical Steps to Cultivate Magnetism

  1. Daily Alignment Practices: Start your day with practices that align you with your inner power. This could include meditation, journaling, or the soul evolution process. These practices help you tune into your true self and radiate magnetism.
  2. Understand Your Human Design: Human design is a powerful tool for self-awareness. By understanding your unique design, you can align your actions with your natural energy flow, making you more magnetic.
  3. Embrace Synchronicities: Pay attention to the synchronicities in your life. These are signs that you are on the right path. Trust your inner knowing and follow the breadcrumbs that lead to magical opportunities.
  4. Reprogram Limiting Beliefs: Identify and reprogram any beliefs that are blocking your magnetism. Work on shifting these beliefs to align with your true potential and inner power.
  5. Live in Your Highest Expression: Focus on embodying your true self in everything you do. When you live in your highest expression, your energy becomes naturally attractive, and you magnetize the right people and opportunities.


Owning your inner magnetism is about embracing your true self and radiating that energy to the world. By overcoming energetic blocks, understanding your unique design, and embodying your highest expression, you can become the most interesting person in any room. Jocelyn’s insights and techniques provide a roadmap to enhancing your magnetism and living a life full of synchronicity and magic.

I hope you found these insights as inspiring and empowering as I did. To dive deeper into this topic, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode. If you’re interested in Jocelyn’s soul evolution process guide, don’t hesitate to DM her for this incredible resource.

Stay magnetic, my friends!

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