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Overcoming Your Upper Limit and SEO Strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs with Elise Armitage {podcast}



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Are you ranking?

On Google I mean ….. how are you ranking? Do you even know how to make sure you’re showing up on the first page?  If not, you are in luck because we’re covering this and so much more in this podcast episode!  For our “tried and true” portion, we are discussing SEO strategies for creative entrepreneurs so you can walk away with actual steps to improve your own ranking, which will help you get more clients (always a good thing, right?)

Have you ever felt like you were standing in your own way?

As creative entrepreneurs, we can experience a phenomenon known as an upper limit problem, which can prevent us from achieving our full potential. It’s SUPER common and none of us are immune. (Trust me, no matter how successful you are, chances are you will hit your upper limit if you haven’t already.)

In this episode of Tried and True with a Dash of Woo, Elise Armitage, a successful travel blogger, owner of What the Fab and host of the What the Fab Podcast, shares her inspiring story of overcoming her upper limit problem when her blog hit over 300k views (which is HUGE!) as well as how she used SEO strategies to make that happen. In this episode, Elise provides practical tips that you can use to improve your own search engine rankings as a creative entrepreneur.

What IS an upper limit?

The “upper limit” is a term coined by Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap. It refers to a subconscious belief that we don’t deserve success or that we have reached our limit. These beliefs can prevent us from reaching our full potential and lead to self-sabotage.

the Big Leap book cover by Gay Hendricks

Imposter syndrome is another related concept that many creative entrepreneurs experience, which can cause us to doubt our abilities and feel like we are not qualified to succeed. I see this ALL THE TIME in my coaching business, so if you are struggling with this, just know that you are not alone. The key is to find the kind of help that works for YOU to work through it.

Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) are another obstacle that many creative entrepreneurs face and happen in conjunction with hitting your upper limit. I first learned about these from Dr. Amen years ago when I read Change Your Brain Change Your Life – and again when I was going through his Brain Training Certification. These are negative thoughts that pop up automatically in response to a situation, often based on past experiences or beliefs. ANTs can be a major hindrance to our success, but Elise shares strategies for navigating them and reframing our thoughts to be more positive and supportive.

Side note, ALL of Dr. Amen’s books are amazing – you can find them on Amazon.

SEO and Why You Need to Learn It:

One of the keys to Elise’s success as a travel blogger has been her use of SEO strategies. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your website or blog to rank higher on search engines like Google. Elise was able to grow her blog to over 300,000 hits on Google, which led to a huge jump in ad revenue for her. She has since developed an SEO course that teaches creatives how to incorporate these strategies into their own websites and blogs.  The way she explains SEO is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

She’s no “SEO bro” lol!  Let’s face it, SEO is not a topic most of us creatives LIKE to dive into, but it is so very necessary. Having killer organic SEO means you get clients ongoing, which is so much more efficient than relying on social media marketing.  Most of us don’t want to spend all our time on social, am I right? That’s where SEO can literally save you.

I highly suggest you watch Elise’s free webinar HERE – you will walk away with actionable steps you can start implementing today!

If you’re a creative entrepreneur looking to improve your search engine rankings and overcome your own upper-limit problems, this episode is a must-listen. Elise provides practical tips and advice for navigating these challenges and achieving success in your creative endeavors. From reframing your thoughts to incorporating SEO strategies, there’s something for everyone in this episode of Tried and True with a Dash of Woo.

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xo, Renee

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