I had so much fun shooting with Olivia!  She is super chill and so photogenic …. makes for a great day right there – but add to that — four, count ’em, FOUR gorgeous horses …. and it’s magic.



We were able to shoot both at the ranch where she boards her horses, and also further down the canyon … and overall, the shoot went really smooth.  Shooting with a horse can be challenging – so add three more in, and it could be a recipe for madness!  But these guys were super cool and I think they enjoyed their time in front of the camera!

Can you tell it was 20o degrees outside?  lol …. it was HOT.   But Olivia looks like it was a cool 68 out there because Jami did such a killer job on her makeup and hair (per usual).   Because we had so many horses and shots we wanted to get, we needed to start when the sun was still a little bright – but that’s why you hire a professional photographer – we know how to make any lighting situation work 😉

This shot is one of my faves is going up on their wall as part of their canvas order —

I LOVE it!



This little one is just SO. DAMN. CUTE. OMG!




Honestly, could Olivia be any more gorgeous?!


I just love the light coming in through the stables here …. I love the dust too 🙂


These are also some of my favorites …. we drove the horses down the canyon (and when I say “we” I mean Olivia lol – that girl drives a HUGE trailer like it’s no big deal.)  This dress was perfect for these shots!




All in all, a super fun shoot — I cannot wait to start designing her album and get her canvases ordered!  There is nothing better than actually printing your images — your grandkids don’t want to see a disc of files — you have to archive them in print!

Here are some more of Olivia and her horses – too hard for me to pick just a few faves 🙂

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