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It seems just like yesterday that I shot Melainey’s 16th birthday session in DTLA … oh wait, it pretty much was!  LOL.  We shot that last year and now … she is a high school senior at Hart High School!  Crazy how time flies really.

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting with Melainey when she was a little girl – we shot her headshots way back when 🙂

She is always so fun to shoot with – no matter the occasion.  The is time was no different and we found ourselves in Santa Barbara at the Botanical Gardens for her session … what an amazing location and not too far from home.  I had no idea there was a patch of redwoods there too (my FAVE)!

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

Jami has done Melainey’s makeup a few times now … between shooting with her before, and the mini model sessions I’ve had this year with my team!  She loves putting makeup on this beautiful face – but this girl is wayyyyy more than how she looks.  She is one of the the most politically active and outspoken teens I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  I love that she knows exactly who she is and is NOT afraid to tell anyone about it. 

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

I loved this location so much – and the colors of her wardrobe complemented the scenery just perfectly.  It was such a nice, chill day with her and her Mom 🙂

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

Melainey wanted some images with the famous mexican tile stairs in Santa Barbara – so we set out to find them!

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

And as it started to rain (it never does here!), we were grabbing a couple more shots at the end – in a shirt Melainey loves “A Man of Quality is not threatened by a Woman of Equality” (hello, how awesome is THAT?!) – and we decided to have some fun with it lol!

Melainey Bloigs
Melainey Bloigs

I posted this last one on my instragram this week because after these mid term elections (she was quite active in canvasing for Katie Hill), I thought it very fitting.  It’s so totally her – and your senior portrait should be a reflection of YOU; whoever you are at this moment.  You will be many things in your life – wear many hats.  You will not be the same version of yourself 10 years from now .. even 3 years from now.  That is what my sessions are all about – finding out who you are and what makes you YOU right NOW at this pivotal moment in your life.  So you can look back and remember – and feel – that girl; how she felt; her hopes and dreams … I LOVE doing this for my clients!!

Update on my calendar: I’m booked until early February now. March is still a GREAT time to get that Spring session. Let’s hope we get some rain, so it gets all green and pretty again! So, 2019 Seniors, hit me up on the contact form below to get info on how to make that happen!

Oh, and 2020 Seniors, there’s still time to get on my list for info on what’s coming down the pipe this year for YOU (both for model team and regular sessions) 

I am revamping my model program completely.  I started the model “rep” program in Santa Clarita in 2008 and it’s evolved and changed quite a lot, with many photographers in our valley now running exact copies of what I do with my senior clients.  But I was on the forefront of what is coming up for high school seniors then, and I am now … I do a TON of research and more and more,  I know that Gen Z is an entirely different set of clients.  Gen Z wants something more authentic and organic and I have been listening to them for a few years …

I’m super excited about some really cool stuff I have coming up for them – and for my past clients to participate in as well!   2019 and 2020 are going to be pivotal years for Renee Bowen Photography – won’t you join me on this ride?  Make sure and sign up for my mailing list to keep up to date on all the changes!

And 2020 SENIORS — click HERE to sign up to get more info on the all NEW model team.

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