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Today I get to share Megan’s gorgeous images from her senior shoot!  This girl is the sweetest – Jami and I had so much fun shooting with her and her Mom Kris.  We shot her session at my little secret spot down Bouquet Canyon Road at the falls – it’s always so pretty and green there, even during “fire season” lol!


These surroundings with her beautiful red hair is just …. omg, right?!  Her hair is UHMAZING – and she’s so fun to shoot with!  Jami did a phenomenal job with her hair and her makeup – keeping her pretty natural throughout and provided the necessary touchups because it was a tad hot out there!  You’d never know it by looking at Megan, though!

The water from the falls felt sooooo great – I didn’t complain about getting my feet in there this time (sometimes it’s WAY too cold, especially in the winter months here).  I love this shot of Megan – it’s one of my favorite spots to shoot at out there … up on this rock, overlooking the water and greenery – so pretty and SO not like anything we usually find out here in Santa Clarita.


This blue top complemented her coloring so well .. and y’all know I love me some backlighting!  I tend to mostly shoot with the light behind my subject because I’m a natural light shooter and I like to reflect the light back onto them with a large silver reflector; it gives the images the right amount of pop without having to carry around a lot of lighting gear.


I’m also a sucker for some hair swinging 🙂


Yeah, so by this time, we were all in the water lol – even Jami – and it was so worth it because these are some of my faves …. 


I normally like to have my client do a lot of small movements while shooting, but when there’s water in the background like this, I like to blur the water (which means a low shutter speed), so I can’t have them move much or they’ll blur as well.  Poor Megan’s toes were about 98% frozen at this point 😉


The light at this location changes quickly in the afternoons, so I typically like to start a little earlier in the day when I know we will be shooting out there .. this last little spot is the very last part of the trail to lose the light – and it’s some of the prettiest, warmest glow – this dress was perfect for it!


It was hard to choose faves for the blog post – so many that I just love.  There are more images than these in her final delivery, but I’ll let her decide which ones to share on her social media!  

I also had the pleasure of having Megan join us for the Fall Shoot we just did with my model team (she’s a 2019 #rbmodel) – and I posted a whole bunch of those images on my story highlights and also on my feed on instagramyou should check those out!  I am so so happy with how those turned out!


I’ve got a crazy month of October ahead of me – so many senior portrait sessions and I’ve got another fun Halloween inspired shoot with my model team coming up too!  It’s also the birthday month for ALL my kids – and I’ll be lucky enough to have the twins around for their 18th since it falls on a Friday!  My girl is coming in from UCSC and we’re all doing a concert and she and I are having a spa day as well …. cannot wait!!!!   

That being said, I’ve got very little left open for this month …. get in touch asap if you are hoping for a senior session before the Holidays!  I will do my very best to get you in!  (pssst…. October is the best month to shoot at the beach)  Use the form below to get in touch.

And if you are in the market for Family Portraits, I am doing my limited mini family portraits this year as well – click HERE to get more info on those and to book directly online! 

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