On today’s podcast I’ve got Maren Ross as my awesome guest and I just LOVE her.  I’ve known Maren for awhile now – she’s a client of a friend of mine, Susan Gietka, and I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with her a few times over the years!   Maren called in from Germany for this episode, where she was living, studying and working for quite a few months.

She’s a 21-year-old student at Loyola University of Maryland, but was studying abroad for most of this year.  What started as a semester of study turned into seven months when she got the opportunity to intern at the American Consulate in Frankfurt. Maren’s a Global Studies major and German is her second major, so she is perfectly poised to work abroad.  In fact, in doing her internship there, she discovered that working as a Foreign Service Officer was what she wanted to pursue as a career. This means she would be living and working abroad …. for life!  I loved chatting with her about her perspective on this, and she also shares some great info for college students who might be thinking of studying and traveling abroad as well.

After speaking with her, I found myself wishing I had gone this route! LOL!  Listen in as Maren fills us in on all these details, as well as some insider tips!

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