I’m so excited to introduce Abbie Callahan to you guys this week on the podcast!  Abbie has been on BOTH The Voice and American Idol – and she is only 17 years old. Yeah, pretty incredible, right? 

She has been singing since 4th grade and hasn’t stopped since.  Today she shares her journey with us, as well as the crazy behind the scenes moments she experienced on both of these television shows.  I had no idea some of the things that happen when the cameras aren’t rolling – or the moments they don’t show us! From drama to mental exhaustion, Abbie pulls the curtain back on what her experience was like and how it felt to be taking this journey at such a young age. 

Abbie is obviously incredibly talented, but she is also SO mature and well-spoken.  She was referred to the podcast by Ivy Towler and Ivy also shot these gorgeous images!  

I thoroughly enjoyed having Abbie on the podcast and I know you’re going to LOVE listening! Please remember to subscribe and leave us a review – we so appreciate all the love!  

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**all images courtesy of Ivy Towler**

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