Here’s Makayla, another amazing #rbinfluencer!  

gen z podcast blond girl with jewelry

I’ve got a whole slew of influencer model team members to post this week and next … we’ve been shooting pretty much nonstop for the last couple of months!  If you follow me on any of my social platforms, you know that this is THE busiest time for me (it is for most photographers).  From now until the holidays it will be madness lol!

Makayla is kicking off this week with her senior shoot that we did in Malibu back in September.  She wanted something natural first so we opted for one of my favorite hiking trails deep in the Malibu canyon, then headed over to a super cute little beach I know about. 

gen z podcast close up girl

Makayla is super fun to shoot with and a total natural in front of the camera so we were able to get through a few outfits before heading to the beach.  Jami loved doing her makeup and hair which held up amazingly well with the humidity we had that day!  (sidenote: our weather has been absolutely bonkers here in SoCal – it’s very much fire season now and there are multiple fires burning in the area; we’ve had 97 degree weather + high winds for a couple of weeks now, but when she shot Makayla’s session, it was just normal warm, slightly humid Malibu weather!  And tonight the temps dropped finally and it’s finally, hopefully, getting more #fall like)

This trail location photographs so well because it’s flooded with light later in the day but still very shady and green – something not easy to find at this time of year here!

gen z podcast girl in the woods
gen z podcast girl in the woods
gen z podcast girl in a tie dyed shirt

How gorgeous is she?!   AND she was totally up for everything – including tree climbing lol!  I loved all her outfit choices – they are all a little different so we got some good variety – but all the colors worked so well 🙂

gen z podcast girl on a tree
gen z podcast girl walking
gen z podcast smiling blond girl

We saved the last two outfits for the beach and even though we lost a lot of the light for the second outfit, I had my Profoto A1X to help me out – I love that thing!!

gen z podcast blond girl
gen z podcast beach sunset

As busy as I’ve been these last couple of months, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  There’s days when I’m thinking, “Oh my god, I’m so tired; how am I going to be able to give everything to my client today?” – because we trek on these senior portrait shoots!!  We drive an hour to and from locations most times; shoot for 2-3 hours – all walking/hiking with gear … it’s not for the faint of heart.  You have to love it. 

And I really do.

The minute we start shooting, I’m no longer tired – I’m 100% present for my client; to make sure she has the best experience EVER … and I adore my model team so much.  All of them are incredible young women – I get so much energy from being around them 🙂

Thanks, Makayla, for such an awesome session – Jami and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting these with you!!

gen z podcast close up of girl

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xo, Renee

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