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Legal & Tax Talk for Creatives with Braden Drake {podcast}



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Hey there, fearless entrepreneurs!  Do you have a tough time thinking about the legal and tax stuff in your creative business?

In the latest podcast episode of “Tried & True With a Dash of Woo,”, we had a blast chatting with the ever-entertaining and incredibly informative Braden Drake. Who’s Braden, you ask? He’s your guy for all things ‘legal and tax info for creative entrepreneurs.’ With his charming and easy-going nature, Braden brings a breath of fresh air to typically intimidating topics like contracts, tax codes, and corporate entities.

Braden’s Not-So-Secret Sauce – Make it Practical

Braden isn’t your average lawyer. Sure, he’s got the professional prowess and attorney acumen, but he’s got something else, too – an unrelenting commitment to keeping it practical. He firmly believes that knowledge is power, and his mission is to put that power into the hands of creative entrepreneurs. What does that mean? It means breaking down complex jargon into language that’s digestible and relatable for folks who don’t have a law degree. (Thank goodness for us!)

And hey, don’t let the tax thing scare you!  We cover ALL kinds of questions I get on the daily from creatives like:

How to do I set up my biz?  LLC or S Corp? Why and How?
What to do when someone steals my work?
How I can make the whole tracking my money thing easier?
What’s the benefit of repelling marketing?
Why are Enneagram 7’s so much fun?  😉

Chatting with Braden – Strategy, Goals, and Some Laughter

In our chat, Braden spilled the tea on his unique approach to infusing his workday with motivation and a little woo. What’s his secret? His computer login password is his current financial goal! This daily reminder keeps his focus sharp and his spirits high, even amidst a sea of legal documents and tax forms. It’s a fun and surprisingly effective way of staying centered and keeping your business goals front and center in your day-to-day life.

The Practical Take on Manifestation

Braden shared his own take on manifestation, or as he likes to think of it, goal-setting with intention. Rather than a mystical, ethereal concept, he frames manifestation as a practical process of planting your goals in your subconscious, priming you to recognize and seize opportunities as they come along. It’s less about manifesting from thin air and more about aligning your mind with your business goals, making you more agile and proactive in your entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with Braden

If you’re left wanting more of Braden’s tips, insights, and unapologetic truth bombs, give his podcast ‘Unf*ck Your Biz’ a listen or check out his website ‘Not Your Average Law Firm’. And remember, entrepreneurship isn’t a solitary journey, it’s a community adventure. Let’s learn, grow, and unf*ck our businesses together!

See you next time!

xo, Renee

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