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I’m so excited to share Kristy’s senior session with you guys!!  We shot these a while ago here in Santa Clarita at one of my favorite locations.  It’s a little off the beaten path but really nice because it’s always green, even when nothing else in this valley is 🙂

Santa Clarita senior photography

We started out pretty simple because I love the color of this sweater on Kristy – it complements her so well and even though it wasn’t really cold when we shot this, we wanted to have a wintery option for one of her outfits.  Kristy is on my 2020 Influencer Team, so I have been able to shoot with her a few times over the last few months. 

Santa Clarita senior photography

Jami did such a great job on her makeup, as usual – love how she keeps teens looking like teens.  I’m all about makeup but it should complement you – not hide you.

Santa Clarita senior photography
Santa Clarita senior photography
Santa Clarita senior photography

One of the best parts of this location is that it can look like a few different spots, but it’s all in one location (literally off the side of the road lol).  And it has amazing light – as you can see 🙂

Santa Clarita senior photography
Santa Clarita senior photography
Santa Clarita senior photography

When I’m looking for a good location, I want to be able to have variety but I also like various textures and colors if possible.  This spot has all of this and more … and Kristy looks amazing in all her outfits!  Literally she can wear anything and look good in it!

Santa Clarita senior photography

One of the cool things about this spot is that there’s a small waterfall there but omg the water is COLD – no matter what time of year lol!  Kristy was a trooper because the water was a lot higher than it had been – so we got nice and wet!

Santa Clarita senior photography

I think it was worth it though 🙂 

Santa Clarita senior photography
Santa Clarita senior photography

When I know we are going to shoot in water, I always suggest we do a dress …. a short one is easier obviously, but sometimes a long one where it gets wet can be nice – all depends on how my client envisions it.  

Santa Clarita senior photography

I also used my Profot A1X for these because I wanted to give them more of a pop; I had Jami hold the light because she was up on the rocks to my right.  I can’t say enough good things about this light .. it’s small and super powerful and the only light I carry with me. 

Santa Clarita senior photography

Class of 2020 – there is still time to get your senior portraits, but I’m going to be out of town for awhile this Spring, so I would reserve something ASAP …. spots are pretty limited.  If you want to snag one, click HERE to see the dates I have open and you can reserve right from there, or fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!

and Class of 2021, I am signing up my 2021 Influencer Team right now!  In fact, I have one more meeting tomorrow night – February 4th…if you are considering it, please reach out with any questions.  Signups close on February 7th so you’ll need to chat with me ASAP – you can also click HERE to get on the list and I’ll email you the info!

xo, Renee

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