Kayla is another 2018 #rbmodel and yes … we ALSO shot her session in Malibu! Seriously … can’t I just move there?!kayla

I’ve known Kayla’s family for years (we have a ton of mutual friends), so I was super excited when she wanted to join my model team. Kayla is a dancer,  and y’all know how much I love to shoot with dancers!  Jami did a killer job on her hair and makeup, as usual.  Kayla’s hair looked amazing ALL the way till the end of the session at the beach. Y’all, that is not an easy feat, yet she manages to pull this off time and again!

I love shooting somewhere natural that’s also close to the beach, because what California girl hasn’t dreamed of a beach photo shoot? We aim to shoot the last one or two looks at the beach, because once you’re at the beach, that’s pretty much it. You never know if it will be crazy windy or calm – and it’s just unpredictable.

I have a few locations in my back pocket for those clients who want that Malibu vibe but also want pretty green locations … and they’re close to each other so we aren’t driving all over the place, wasting daylight! 

Kayla’s outfits were all soooooo great – I love them all, but I think my favorite is the flannel and jeans (I know, super casual but LOOK AT THE COLOR IN THESE!!) I LOVE the colors and vibe in these – so fun!!

But also , this DRESS at the beach omg! THIS is a perfect beach dress, y’all (freepeople of course). The dress colors combined with that SKY and the way it flows in the wind, it was all just so PERFECT.


Kayla definitely lucked out with the sunset …. wish I could order this for every session! kayla

Check out the rest of Kayla’s session! If you share on social media, please tag me @reneebowen! 

As mentioned on my previous blog post, my senior model program is changing a bit –>  I’ve just got SO many girls who want to be a part of it and I WANT to take everyone, but I just can’t….. So I am revamping it just a little.

All the details will be sent out in the next few days, so if you know someone who is interested in joining me, please make sure they fill out this form and get on the list!  I will be contacting everyone in early January about the Class of 2019 Model Team!

As a reminder, I am COMPLETELY booked until late January – these next couple of months are pretty nuts but I REALLY want to get some more 2018 Seniors on the books before the Class of 2019 is up – so hmu if you want a killer session and gorgeous announcements to send out for graduation!


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