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Hellooooooo I know I’ve been a tad MIA on the ol’ blog, but holy moly this is the busiest time of year for me and I am neck deep in some serious editing and shooting, y’all!!   But I’m BACK with a killer session with Isabell – one of my gorgeous 2020 #rbpinfluencers


I am so excited to share this session with you guys … we ran all around Pasadena to get these and HOW beautiful is Isabell?!!


Isabell wanted something a little different for her session (can’t blame her!) and I’m always down for shooting at new locations … even when I’ve never shot there before.  I knew the Pasadena City Hall was a great place to shoot, but we didn’t want to shoot the entire session there – mainly because on any given day, there are 84,000 other photoshoots happening at the same time LOL.  Especially on a Sunday.   So we opted to start at a different location where we knew we could grab some fun natural images with pretty greenery and florals.  I love the look Isabell chose for this location; that is her grandfather’s dress shirt and I LOVE it.  (SO 90’s!!)


And this outfit was just as 90’s and spoke to my inner Courtney Cox …. and I’m pretty sure I have multiple photos of myself dressed just like this from like 1997 🙂  

We walked over to the freeway to shoot these … literally on the side of the on/off ramp – and I just. can’t. with these!!!!  Direct sun and the colors and the industrial-ness (is that a word?) and Isabell KILLED IT you guys.


And then it was time to head over to the Pasadena City Hall and we hit it right as the sun was pouring into the front entryway … and yes, there were 84,000 other photographers there but we made it work!!!  Mostly because Isabell is like .. a pro.  How cool is this outfit she put together for this look?!

I needed to shoot a few images in this colorful number from Desert Republic because I was participating in the #stylechallenge that month and this is the outfit they sent … basically, you style the (surprise) outfit they send and shoot it, then people vote on their fave on the Desert Republic Instagram.  Super fun for photographers, models, stylists, etc.  And I’m a huge fan of all their clothes – you should definitely check them out!! 

backlit portraits boho
pasadena city hall senior portraits

We ended the session in this beautiful nude dress that was perfect for this location; Jami did a little messy up-do action that just looked beautiful on Isabell.  I love the lines and low-light vibe here … and the tones!

pasadena city hall photoshoot

We ran up to the top of one of the “steeples” (I have no idea what these are actually called) and caught the most incredible blue/purple sky and OOOOOHHHMYGOD I love these!!!!   Thanks to the Profoto A1X for making these shots possible 😉 

Jami did an amazing job as usual on Isabell .. we wanted to keep her pretty natural – mainly because she has like … perfect skin!  But also because our philosophy is always to keep our teen clients looking like they are actually teenagers.  Makeup is fun but it should never hide who you are; just enhance your natural beauty. 

Class of 2020, I just released dates for January – April of 2020, so those are now open for booking, as well as the 2-3 of dates I have left for November & December of this year …. but those will go quickly now that school has started.  If you want to snag one, click HERE to see the dates I have open and you can reserve right from there, or fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!  

And Class of 2021 – it’s time to sign up for our VIP LIST so you can get info first on the opportunities I have for underclassmen next year!!!! 

xo, Renee

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