Chloe LaPrairie is straight-up amazing, y’all.  I meet a LOT of young people in my line of work but I am just so impressed by this young woman’s maturity and drive.  She has basically dedicated her life (from the age of 13) to rescuing animals and even started her own nonprofit while she was still in high school – The Scrappy Paws Foundation where she has already rehabilitated tons of animals and helped them find their forever homes.

The tenacity and passion she has for animals is what drives her and she is planning to continue that journey as a veterinarian.  Chloe literally will do anything for animals – including rescuing feral kittens and socializing them. Along with the support of her mother, she has been able to accomplish so much at such a young age.  She shares with us what initially drew her to this field and how she was able to get involved so young, as well as what she wants other young people to know about how they can get involved.  

Make sure you hit the links below to find out more about Chloe’s story, as well as how you can help either find rescue animals or help place them – even just sharing on social media is SO helpful!  Please follow Scrappy Paws and reshare when they’re trying to place animals because that makes a big difference as well. Chloe also recommends following the Kitten Lady on youtube and YARA on Instagram for more info on how you can get involved!  She has so much knowledge to share and I know you will find this podcast incredibly insightful.

And if you are a high school senior photographer, join the free facebook community so you can nominate amazing clients of your own to be featured on the podcast!  We are now casting for Season Two!

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