Welcome to the podcast Abigail Amick, a high school senior from Sonora, CA.  She is a client and senior model of my friend and fellow senior photographer Jennifer Rapoza.  My conversation with Abigail was so insightful; she speaks to me about what her experience growing up with a father who is an addict was like.  As you can imagine, this was NOT an easy thing but she has come through this a much stronger, very mature young woman. She is passionate about sharing about her life and the things she has endured in hopes that it can not only help someone else going through it, but also open a dialogue about a topic that many people just don’t feel comfortable talking about in general.  

Abigail’s perspective is very refreshing and I know you will find a LOT of value in this podcast – whether you have a family member or friend with an addiction or if you are dealing with something on your own.  I think the main thing to remember is that you are not alone and to reach out if you are dealing with a parent or family member who has a problem .. Abigail talks about how sharing with close friends has been so helpful to her, as well as her desire to learn even more as she enters college.  She is working so hard to better her own life and I know she is going to accomplish everything she sets her mind to!

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**all images via Jennifer Rapoza Photography


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