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Class of 2022 Influencer Team :: High School Senior Portraits by Renee Bowen



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Introducing the Class of 2022 Influencer Team!

I can’t believe it’s already time to introduce you guys to my 2022 Team, but here we are!  I actually shot my first mini session with them back in March and I have another team shoot coming up this month.  I’m also shooting my team girls’ individual senior sessions already – time is flying by at lightening speed, I swear!  

girl in black jumpsuit on yellow background

Alexa is a Valencia High 2022 Senior and is an accomplished equestrian. She’s been training as a competitive rider in hunter/jumper classes for the last 8 years and also likes to surf.  Her fave brands are Nike, Hollister, Vans, and American Eagle, but she also gets to raid her older sister’s closet too 🙂  I’m not sure where we’ll shoot her senior session in September yet, but I cannot wait!  

blond girl in orange hat senior portraits
blond girl on yellow background senior portraits

Charity is a Saugus High 2022 Senior and she’s the cheer captain as well.   I’ve already shot her senior session and I’m already in love with all the images we got – can’t wait to share more! Charity is super outgoing and really fun to shoot with – her fave brands are Tillys, SHEIN, and Q and she’s also tall so we can throw just about anything on her and it looks amazing 🙂

girl in rolling stones top senior photos santa clarita
girl in black hat on yellow backdrop senior photosession

Haley is a Saugus High 2022 Senior too and her two bffs are also on the team (Charity and Isabella) so it’ll be fun getting to shoot with them this year.  Haley studied ballet for 12 years 😮 but she is now focusing on her other passion – filmmaking!  She loves all aspects of it from acting to filming to editing – and she is also SUPER funny and fun to be around!

santa clarita senior photographer

I run my Influencer team a little differently from a lot of other local senior photographers.  I like to keep the team small so we can do more shoots and bond on a deeper level; I am more interested in providing a more robust experience for my team – and for all my clients really.  This time is fleeting and goes by SO fast – if last year taught us anything, it’s that you can’t get it back.  That’s why it’s so important to just DO things that make you happy – that will bring lasting memories.  Class of 2022 is poised to have a GREAT year so let’s cross our fingers that it all goes smoothly!

high school senior photos yellow backdrop

Isabella is ALSO a Saugus High 2022 Senior and is also a cheerleader!  Her senior session is coming up in July and she might want to do a beach location, so make sure you check the blog for her session!  Her favorite brands are Pacsun, Hollister and Brandy Melville – I just love her style!  Excited to have her Isabella on the team this year & can’t wait to shoot soon!

santa clarita senior photographer
girl in black dress on yellow backdrop

Kate is a 2022 Valencia Senior!  She is super fun and outgoing so I know we are going to have a blast this year 😉 She has been involved in acting since she was really young and it’s something she really enjoys.  Kate wants to go to school for nursing when she is done with high school & some of her fave brands are Free People, Urban Outfitters & American Eagle! 

senior session with Renee Bowen
girl in black hat on yellow backdrop

Keely is a 2022 West Ranch Senior and is already super comfy in front of the camera because she has been heavily involved in pageants for the past six years!  She is also in choir, has loved acting since she was a kid, loves to sing, and is still involved in Girl Scouts which I love!  Her fave brands are PacSun, Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters 🙂

high school graduation photos renee bowen

How amazing are they?  Seriously can’t wait to get to know them all better and shoot with them all year.  This next shoot will be at a super cute studio in Downtown Los Angeles and I’m really excited to put this together; the look is going to be really clean and natural tones.  I am still looking for a brand or boutique to partner with so if you have any suggestions, lmk!  Always looking for new collabs!

girl on yellow backdrop photoshoot

Nicole is a 2022 Valencia High Senior and is right at home in front of the camera.  She’s involved with the STEM club at school (hello smartypants) and has a part-time job as well.  Her post high school aspirations include possible med school 😮 but she could totes be a professional model so we’ll see!  Her senior session is in August and I can’t wait! 

high school senior photos
girl on yellow backdrop photoshoot

Last but not least is Rylee!  She is so easy to get along with and to shoot with 🙂  Her post high school plans include cosmetology school, so I’m sure she and Jami will have lots to talk about this year!   Her fave brands are Urban Outfitters and American Eagle but she’s also open to anything I throw at her lol!  Looking forward to her senior session in September!!

senior session with Renee Bowen

Okay, guys, that’s the 2022 Team!!  Make sure you check my blog often to see what we’ve been up to this year!

And if you are a Class 0f 2022 Senior, it’s time to book your senior portrait session!  I am almost sold out for October (just one date left), September and July so make sure you grab a spot before they are all gone!  Fill out the form below or email me at for info on sessions – trust me, you don’t want to skip this.

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