Guys, meet Claire!   She is one of my amazing 2017 #rbmodels as well – and the SWEETEST thing ever.  She’s a dancer and also very involved with ASB at school (Valencia High)

Claire {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

We shot these at the Pasadena City Hall …. she wanted more of a contemporary vibe – and the architecture there is stunning – like Claire!   Can we talk about her Julia Roberts smile?!  I mean seriously.

And yes …. she was photobombed by Cinderella lol … had to include that shot 🙂

Claire {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

I loved everything she brought for wardrobe – this white number worked so well with the background here….love that last one of her – so pretty!

Now ….this dress is STUNNING.  We had a lot of fun twirling and moving in it (if you’ve shot with me, you know how much I love movement as opposed to stagnant shots) — and dresses like this are perfect for that.

Claire {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

The light was just gorgeous as well ….. y’all know I love me some backlighting!

Claire {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

and l just adore this top with those shorts — we got a LOT of different looks and they all fit her personality so well.  That’s the whole point …. don’t stress about finding outfits that are so far outside of your comfort zone; stay true to you and find pieces that tell YOUR story.

Claire really pulled this last outfit off so well — a more upscale way to dress up some ripped jeans and give it a fall vibe!

Claire {Portraits by Renee Bowen} [post_title]

soooooo many shots that I love!!

You can check out her slideshow here too:

and her app too (this is a great way to share your photos with your friends and family — it lives on your phone!


You guys … I know it’s almost the holidays, but GRADUATION is going to be here before you know it.  Yes, it is!!  There is still time to get some amazing shots before you head out into the world – while you are still in high school, while you are still this person in this moment.  You deserve to have an amazing experience for your senior photos ….. if not now, when?

I get super busy in January … people start to realize they need to get this done and before you know it, I’m booked…. so if you are thinking of reserving a session, fill out the form below and get in touch!

Let’s get you some killer photos to show the world.


psssst I’m also going to be accepting my 2018 Models soon …. want in?

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