Have you ever heard those stories of people “getting discovered” on the streets of Los Angeles?  Like out of the blue?  Yeah, that happened to Caitlin as a baby.  Legit happened!  Her story is SO unique but who she is today is the result of a lot of hard work, determination, exceptional skill and an amazing family.

Not only is she an accomplished actor (she’s only 15!) and is absolutely STUNNING – she’s also the youngest female to be admitted to UCLA … yes, she’s already graduated high school and was admitted to college at 14!  What?!

You can watch her on Dwight in Shining Armor on BYU TV – her current project, but she’s also super busy working with philanthropies and is currently the West Coast Teen Ambassador for the American Cancer Society in the initiative called ResearcHERS.  She talks with us quite a bit about this and I just love her perspective on the importance of getting involved with charities and organizations that are giving back and making a change in the world. 

I was able to chat with Caitlin in her LA home before running around Hollywood and The Museum of Selfies (so fun) to take some rad photos … she is just a tad photogenic!  Seriously, how gorgeous is she?!

I know you’ll find our chat incredibly insightful – and make sure you follow Caitlin so you can know when her new TV show launches (it’s a little secret at the moment but OMG it’s going to be amazing!)

**all images via Renee Bowen Photography


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