In this episode, I get to introduce you to Hanna Degan, a 20-year-old college student from Minnesota.  I was referred to Hanna from my good friend and fellow senior photographer, Deb Mitzel Photography – she is a client of Deb’s!

Aside from being super fun to chat with, what’s so interesting about Hanna is that she is going into a field that is not particularly known for being one that many women go into – Investment Banking.  

I loved listening to her perspective on that world and what her experience has been in a predominantly male-dominated major.  It’s actually going to surprise you; I know it definitely wasn’t something I was expecting to hear! Hanna has a very mature and pragmatic outlook on life and I KNOW this young woman is going to conquer whatever she sets her mind to!  She is driven yet grounded and has so many interesting perspectives – not just on business and finance, but also social media and many things young people her age are dealing with. 

You’ll love hearing her thoughts on the competitive nature of the line of work she has chosen, as well as what she is working toward post-college. 

OH – and she also runs her own business where she gets to show her creative side as well as her innate business sense – she makes GORGEOUS jewelry!  Seriously – really beautiful, meaningful pieces that I am going to need to buy lots of lol! 

So, grab a cup of whatever it is you like to relax with and listen in!


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