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teen girl with long hair and glasses

Hey guys, happy Sunday!  I’ve got Bella on the blog today ūüôā 

girl in nature with long hair

We shot out in Malibu – first at a hiking trail and then at one of my favorite beaches.  Jami was of course on hand for hair and makeup!

girl in nature with long hair
teen girl with jeans sitting on a log

I love Bella’s casual style – and her hair is kind of amazing, right?  We found lots of beautiful warm colors that blended well to the Fall feel we were going for.

girl in nature

Bella is on my Influencer Team this year so we have had a chance to shoot a few times so far, with more shoots planned for the holidays.  My team has had to look a little different this year because of Covid, but we’ve still managed to shoot – just modified!  

teen girl with long hair and glasses
girl with long hair in nature
girl with long hair
girl in nature with black pants

I was just out at this location a few days ago and saw that the large tree in these photos FELL!  Like, broke at the base and fell …. so sad!  The tree is HUGE …. not sure what happened, but I’m really sad because it was a gorgeous tree :/ 

girl by large tree
girl in nature
girl with red hair glasses

We raced to the beach to grab the last bit of light … and the sunset did not disappoint! 

girl on beach sunset
girl on beach sunset

How gorgeous is Bella?!  Love these last shots …. 

girl on beach sunset malibu

I’m still shooting lots of Class 0f 2021 seniors, but my availability is getting pretty slim, so click HERE to see what I’ve got left for this year.  January – March is also open.  

And Class of 2022, I’ve opened up my VIP list for my Influencer Team, so if you are interested in more shoots and more fun in your senior year, click HERE to sign up to get more info!

xo, R

    girl with long hair and glasses

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