Recommended Titles for Self and Business Development

As a senior photographer educator, I am always being asked for recommended books for both self-development and business education – which really, I think go hand in hand.  If you are running your own photography business, you ARE your business, and therefore, you should be doing some work on yourself as well.  Most people’s “hangups” in biz are really personal issues that just show UP in the biz 🙂

So I wanted to create a page where I can send students and peers – and friends – to see what I recommend and why.  Enjoy!

Renee's current favorite reads

I am obsessed with Todd Herman and his new book (but really everything he teaches) … he is SO inspirational, but his knowledge and advice originate from science and actual facts.  Instead of hyping people up with just affirmations, he understands what it is like to actually coach high-performance individuals on a one-on-one basis, which makes all the difference.  The knowledge he gained for that is evident in what he teaches in his online classes and workshops – but his new book is GOLD for anyone who has ever suffered from feeling less than or unworthy or had issues with identity.  He talks about how using a secret identity or alter ego is actually the way to uncover the REAL you.  Highly recommend!! 

Dr. Joe Dispenza is legit amazing.  The man literally healed his broken spine with focused meditation.  And now he teaches people all over the world how to not only understand the power of their brain and mind .. but how to connect it all with the body and emotions.  He is not just talking about manifesting – he is scientifically breaking it down into energy fields and brain waves and some of it is a little “heady” but I would recommend starting with Becoming Supernatural and then moving into Breaking the Habit of Being You.

I can’t say enough amazing things about Jen Sincero.  Her book breaks it all down in VERY easy to digest info – it’s like a friend chatting with you.  There’s not a ton of science in her books, but she really “gets” the mindset needed to be successful and move past limiting beliefs.  I love You are a Badass but highly recommend You are a Badass at Making Money for business owners of any kind!!

ANYTHING Tony Robbins writes – or speaks – I consume.  I have been seriously obsessed with him since 2004. I bought his CD set Get the Edge and listened on my walkman LOL!!  That course changed my life and set me on a journey of self-discovery and I haven’t stopped since. He has SO many books, but this is a great one to start with!

Let me know if you have some favorites that are not on this list – I’ll be adding to it as I find more!

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