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If you can’t find the answer here in our FAQ, make sure you reach out!


How do I book a shoot?  To begin the process, you can either fill out the form below or email me at renee@reneebowen.com or call/text 661-505-8470 & I’ll send you all the necessary information regarding sessions. Once you decide, I’ll email you a booking proposal and contract to sign digitally (Seniors, your parents need to sign). The deposit is also taken care of online via credit card {checks can be mailed if preferred, just ask}  Final payment is due by the day of the shoot.

What happens if it rains? Don’t you shoot only on location with natural light? Yep! Sometimes, even in California, it rains, and even I cannot control the weather…. yet. (especially in January – March) When this happens, we will re-schedule your session for another day/time. If you’re booking in the summer months, this is not as much of a concern; however, if you are booking a BEACH session, keep in mind that it is usually always windy at the beach, and can sometimes be cloudy there as well.  If it looks as though it will be windier than usual, we may need to push the session.

Do you ever shoot in studio? Yes, my studio is located in Santa Clarita and I can absolutely accommodate you if you prefer a studio look!

Where will we shoot? That depends….. on the type of session you book, as well as where YOU want to shoot! If you’ve seen anything on my site that you like, please let me know. I want this to be all about YOU. I want you to feel happy and comfortable in the photos. We can shoot just about anywhere (sometimes there are permits involved; sometimes not). If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry – I’ll come up with something awesome. 😉

Is there a travel fee?  Any session in Santa Clarita will not include a travel fee, but if you would like to leave the valley, there is a $65 fee for anything up to 40 miles.  Anything further will incur an additional travel fee; please reach out with specific location info.

What should I bring with me? Wherever we are (from out in the Santa Clarita wilderness to the Malibu beaches to Downtown LA) – you’re going to need water and a couple of snacks.  Plan on packing a bag for your wardrobe changes and shoes, as well as smaller bags for jewelry.  **I will send you an IN-DEPTH planning guide once you are booked, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

WHO can I bring with me? Anyone you like for moral support and general silliness – bring your Mom, your BFF….the more the merrier. If you would like to shoot with someone, I do have a Senior Portrait session designed for two or more.

Can I bring my own camera or can someone I bring with me bring their camera to take photos while we are shooting?   No, I don’t allow any other cameras (other than phones) on shoots.

Where will I change? Well…. most likely in your car or my van. OR my little pop-up tent. Shooting on location is not for the faint of heart.


What type of payment do you accept? How much is deposit and when is final payment due? Cash, checks written to ICD Entertainment (the name of my corporation) or credit cards . Deposits for Senior packages are all $150 reserve the date; the remainder is due on the day of the shoot. For Family and Headshot sessions, 50% of session fee is due to reserve; remainder due on day of shoot. For events, 20% of due at the time of booking to reserve; the remainder due one week prior to event.  If mailing a check, it can be sent to:  ICD Entertainment at  26893 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite C Box 145, Santa Clarita, CA  91350. *deposits are not refundable – studio refuses work from other clients to hold your reservation; therefore, if you cannot make your appointment or need to reschedule, deposit is held for the next date you are available.

Do you accept payment plans? I will always work with a client. I want you to get prints of your photos! I want you to own these memories! Typically, when a print order is made, 50% is due at time of order; the remainder is due when prints arrive; however, I can break these up into easier payments if necessary. Just ask 😉


Do you shoot cap/gown and drape/tux Senior Portraits for yearbooks?  No, you will still need to get these shots done with your school’s contracted photographer if that is what is needed for your yearbook. My Senior Portraits are contemporary and modern shots that are designed to show off your personality; all packages do include one complimentary yearbook shot if your school allows “nontraditional” shots! If you aren’t sure what is needed, you can forward me the school’s email or information and I’m happy to help you decipher it!  I DO sometimes photograph cap and gown MINI sessions – reach out for info.

All your Senior Portrait sessions include makeup. Is this mandatory and where does that happen?… and Why?
Yes, all sessions include the amazing professional techniques of my makeup artist, Jami Cox.

  • She’s a professional and because we work together so often, she knows the way I shoot…..she knows how I use natural light & understands how to apply makeup accordingly.
  • She’s so good at her job, I can spend less time editing your skin 😉
  • Everyone loves her! Even the boys – allow yourself to be pampered for the day!
  • Watch this video to hear more about why I include it
Although the makeup is included, does your makeup artist accept tips?  What is customary?
Yes, just as you would tip the person doing your nails and your hair stylist, makeup artists appreciate gratuities….if you love your makeup (and I know you will), it is customary to tip her $20-50; this is not mandatory and up to your discretion.

Your Senior Portrait sessions include “wardrobe styling”. How does this work? What should I wear?!! Each of my sessions allows for a certain number of wardrobe changes; the reason for this is that it allows me to structure the session based on what you’ve chosen to wear. We always start out somewhat natural and move into more funky/colorful clothing – because your makeup will change as your wardrobe does! My makeup artist stays throughout the entire session and makes sure that you’re not “shiny” and also perfectly put together for each outfit change. I always suggest that you choose at least 2 MORE options than what your session calls for so I can help you narrow it down. Some things photograph better than others…. as a rule, I recommend staying away from too much white, especially on top, as well as black.   Tops that are very loose fitting also don’t photograph as well, and too many opposing prints/patterns can get distracting.  Why not check out my PINTEREST board “What to Wear” – I’ve curated so many cute outfits on there, you’re bound to get some great ideas!   If you’d like, I can create a board just for your session and we can collaborate on it; both adding things so we can both see it!   Also, remember to make sure your nails look nice – they’ll show up in the photos…. and bring a pair of “walking around” shoes – if you’re planning on wearing heels for the shots, you’ll need some comfy shoes to get to and from locations in!

Watch this video for more info on what to wear!

You design custom graduation announcements and holiday cards. How does this process work? How many photos can I include on my cards? There is no limit to how many photos from your session you’d like to include. If you’re interested in these, we will discuss the design and your options during your ordering session; the order for them is placed at the same time as your print order. (I have samples for you to choose from – and you can click HERE to see templates)

Is there a minimum portrait order?  Yes, each session also has a minimum order requirement – those can be broken up into payments if you choose and you are not forced to purchase items you don’t want…I will work with you one on one to help you decide on the perfect collection.


How soon will I get my order? Prints come in within 2 weeks; canvases in about 2-3 weeks; albums 2-4 weeks, and announcements within a week.

What happens after the shoot? How will I see my photos and order? Once we shoot, and depending on how busy I am at that time of year, your photos will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks. During the editing process, I may choose to sneak a few on social media for you; but this also depends on how busy I am at the time.

  •  PROOFING & ORDERING is done in person only. (with the exception of my out-of-town clients) You will come to the studio to view and order your images. As a courtesy, I can release an online gallery for you to share with out of town family – once your order is placed. Anyone can then order from this gallery, which is online for 3 days only. • For out of town clients, we will do your ordering session via zoom.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES will be delivered after your order is fully paid; you will receive a web-sized, watermarked image for every image you purchase.  You also have the option to purchase non-watermarked, licensed web images if you prefer to post without my logo.


Do you edit your images yourself? What about retouching? For the most part, I edit all my own images, but I do have incredible retouchers I work with and have trained that I will use when I am very busy.  All of these photos you see as “proofs” are chosen by me; edited to perfection & ready to order. (This means your skin will be flawless, the color will be perfected, and all artistic nuances will be applied before you see any of them.)

I know you take way more than the “final” images I see for my event/portrait session. Can I see ALL the images you take?
In short, no. I do not, under any circumstance, release unedited raw images to clients. Ever. I know, I know… that sounds crazy/extreme/rude. Here’s the reason: yes, I shoot a lot of photos…if I showed you all 900+ photos from your portrait shoot, you’d be completely overwhelmed and wouldn’t even know where to start. Also, a lot of them are similar images; my camera shoots 12 frames per second. I take a lot of “in-between” moment shots. It’s my job, and part of my artistic process, to know which images are the best…. trust me 🙂

The one exception to this is for Head Shots – I will release a partially edited gallery for you to look through of approximately 50 images and forward to your agents so that you can narrow it down to the number of shots included in your package. (varies)   Once you decide, then final images will then be completely edited and delivered to you in digital form.

How long do you keep the images? Can I order a couple now and then place a bigger order next year? Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I’ll still have the images. Hard drives fail, and although I back up my images in two different locations, I can never know for sure if your images will be around when you want them.  I also do not have an unending supply of storage, especially with the size of the files.  For these reasons, I require that all ordering be done at your in-person viewing session.   Images that are not purchased will not be archived – images that are purchased will be archived for one year. 

Do you include any digital images?   I do not include high resolution images for you to print on your own in any portrait package; only exception is headshots.


Head HERE and request info!


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