Renee Bowen is a nationally published Portrait Photographer based in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA.

A Louisiana native, Renee found her place amongst the stars in 1995 and has been here ever since. She is well known for her expert use of beautiful, natural lighting and for giving her clients an experience they remember forever.  Most notably a High School Senior photographer, Renee keeps her business boutique so she can spend time with her clients and is able to create relationships with them that goes far beyond “just pictures”.

Renee is also a Mentor to other photographers from all over the country and offers specialized training on the art and business of photography – teaching others how to be successful at Senior Portraits.   Her signature course – Level Up Your Senior Photography Business – takes photographers behind the curtains of her entire business, as she guides them through the process of building a truly successful and rewarding career. 

As much as Renee loves teaching others, she also operates a highly successful business and is booked 6 months in advance year round.


Hey there!  I’m so happy you stopped by my little piece of the internet here …. I hope you take a minute to look around and get a feel for what I do – for the type of images I shoot.  As always, please reach out with any questions you might have!  I’m a text, call or email away!  

I’m a Louisiana native… transplanted to CA circa 1995, and subsequently “stuck” since my husband is an actor… a southern girl at heart, living in the ‘burbs (Valencia | Santa Clarita Valley) of Los Angeles! My husband and I wrangle three wild teenagers, a dog & three cats.  My oldest son (now 20) has Autism… so I’m involved in anything special needs related. I volunteer way too much… but love it. My main goal is to eventually figure out how to juggle my kids, Hollywood husband, my house… & of course, my photography business.

My kids tend to eat me alive on a daily basis, so it’s still a balancing act between business and family. 

Life isn’t balanced yet, but I hope to eventually get there.

I’ve been a photographer for a long time and my story of “finding” photography is probably not unlike your own….I won’t bore you with the details. If you wanna know more about me… follow me on instagram, pinterest, twitter, and facebook. I’m sure you’ll find out more than you wanted to know.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Following me gets you a daily mish-mash of photographs, escapades of being a mom of three, life among the white picket fences of  Valencia in the Santa Clarita Valley, touched with Autism, married to an actor….IT’S JUST ALL OVER THE PLACE. There’s beauty in chaos, right?