Okay, how cool is it that I FINALLY own reneebowen.com?!!!  All my other sites are now consolidated into this one, super awesome, super customized one!

To say that I’m excited about this re-launch would be an extreme understatement…..this change has been coming for quite some time!   A painfully. long. time.   It’s an insane amount of work, y’all!  Plus, I may have a problem with perfectionism…. but luckily I had a LOT of help……from an amazing designer who I will be singing the praises of in a special blog post very, very soon 😉   She would like the limelight to remain on my new site for a few days – how sweet is that?

I’ve changed some things, improved others, and done away with stuff that just didn’t work…..this is the new me and I invite you to check out the site and all the nooks and crannies here!   Please, please let me know what you think – your feedback is essential to me.  My clients are the lifeblood of my entire business, and ultimately, it’s your opinion I value.  It’s also hard to step back and “see” sometimes when you’re in the thick of all the work!

Some new goodies to look for:  in the coming months, I’ll be offering an array of workshops :: everything from in person, full immersion workshops {both here in LA and at various destinations} to online skype mentorships, and even a “Moms Who Want to Learn How to Use Their Fancy Camera” class for all my SCV peeps!  These will be fun and end in partaking in wine and food, of course 🙂   I’m also now offering limited GLAM sessions……where housewives become “cover girls”.  More to come regarding those details soon……

Also, for my faithful High School Senior clients, I’m proud to announce that I will be participating in the Seniors Ignite Model Search and Contest for 2013.  How would you like win a trip to San Diego to model for top photogs from around the country?  You can – all the details on this exciting venture is coming to the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned and make sure you check back in!

Lastly, make sure you poke around and find my new PROMO video.  Lovingly {and beautifully} shot by my awesome husband, and edited by yours truly.  See what it’s like to shoot your Senior Portraits with me!!

I leave you all with this photo {this was me for the last month}




won’t you join me in a virtual toast?

I sure know I need this glass of wine after the last few weeks!!

Thank you all so much for joining me on the next part of this journey 🙂





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