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The All NEW Influencer-Inspired Model Program

If you are a Senior Portrait Photographer and offer a model program for your clients, you may have noticed it’s no longer working the way it has been in the past.  That’s because we are now serving a whole new generation of clients –

Gen Z

a whole new era of senior photography is coming

What's Included?

Photographer's Guide

A 32 page guide that walks you through everything you need to know about how to structure an influencer team specifically marketed to Gen Z, starting with teaching YOU the necessary social media strategies.

Influencer Guide

An 8 page photoshop template guide that you will customize for your influencer team that teaches them how to step into the role of influencer, as well as how to post efficiently and organically for your studio.

Influencer Media Kit

A 2 page photoshop template that you will either customize for your influencer or teach them how to, so they have all the tools they need to put themselves out there and develop their personal brand.  

Email Templates & More

ALL the email templates I use to get potential influencer team members to a meeting, as well as the followup email & the brand pitch email, questionnaire, contract, and payment plan form.

AND you will also get access to the private members-only facebook community for six months - just for people who purchase the program

I will be hosting facebook lives once a month to make sure you are supported throughout the process – you’ll be able to ask questions and get the help you need.  This is the first program for senior photographers that is specifically geared toward Generation Z – how they consume media and how they prefer to be marketed to.  If you don’t have something in place to attract these younger clients, you will start to see a rapid decrease in sales and new leads; they are extremely savvy and won’t stick around while you “figure it out”.  Don’t wait until someone else does it in your market.

hurry .... registration closes on May 27th at midnight!

You Might Be Asking ..... Who Is Gen Z?

These are the kids born between roughly 1998-2012. Most of them have had a purely digital existence & therefore consume media at an alarmingly fast rate. Marketing to them takes creativity.

They understand how to use social media for everything, are heavily marketed to on a daily basis and have short attention spans. They are always online but still report feeling lonely most of the time.

They crave “realness” and authenticity; they want a purpose in this world and desire to co-create their existence.  They may seem aloof but their generation is full of deep thinkers & change makers.


A recent poll from my instagram Gen Z clients is very telling on what they actually want from their experiences with us

Never before in our industry has setting yourself apart been SO very important.

Most of the Gen Z clients I’ve polled report that they desire guidance on how to grow their brand on social media, which is an amazing opportunity for us, as senior photographers.  The media kit you will get is just one part of this. We are in the perfect position to step up as leaders by providing this help – while simultaneously growing our own professional brands AND servicing our clients on a deeper level.  Could you google all this and figure it out?  Could they?  Theoretically, everything in the world is on google, but we are talking about compressing DECADES into DAYS.  Saving you precious time & resources.

This kind of program can drive your business the entire year – allowing you to plan ahead and focus more on your family and other areas of your business, so you can work smarter not harder. The work is already done for you – and it’s ready to be customized and put into practice.  

Screenshot ..

Now is the PERFECT time to jump on board with this for Class of 2020 and 2021. Getting in on this NOW and developing it for the next six months with me in the facebook group will set your business up for success because I will keep you up to date on everything you need to know about all things gen z/social media & influencer style marketing. I'M ONLY OFFERING THIS UNTIL MAY 27, 2019 and our first facebook live will be on MAY 28TH.

Everything is hosted ONLINE and you will be able to download all the templates from your very own online portal. 

You will have access to the online materials forever and the facebook group for six months.

pssst … if you are on my MAILING LIST or in my free facebook group, you have access to $55 off the pay in full price

Renee Bowen is a nationally recognized photographer and educator located in the suburbs of Los Angeles where she lives with her actor husband and three now off-to-college kids (plus a few cats … there’s always cats).  

Renee specializes in creating high-end, transformational Senior Portrait experiences while emphasizing her clients’ individuality and uniqueness.  Her style is editorial and authentic; infusing movement and energy with a polished finish.  She is mainly interested in cultivating relationships with her clients and helping them feel beautiful and valuable.  

Renee has grown her business over the last 10 years to a highly profitable six-figure career and now offers coaching and online courses to photographers who want to do get their business to the next level.  She is passionate about teaching them how to save time and money while creating a business that not only feeds their families but also their souls, through deeper connections with their clients.  She has been featured on various blogs and publications including: Senior’s Ignite, Senior Style Guide, Seniorologie, Forever 21, Ventura Blvd., Grok Nation, Rock The Shot, Senior Study Hall, The Undiscovered, Modern Teen and many others.

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