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profoto off camera flash, ocf, profoto a1x

I don’t use OCF very much, mainly because I don’t like carrying around a ton of gear.  I shoot in places all over LA that …. I may not be 100% able to without a permit lol, so part of what I do with my high school seniors is “get in, get out” quickly and under the radar.  Los Angeles is the photoshoot and film capital of the world so anytime they see ANY kind of external equipment, it’s a red flag; and because what I’m doing is not commercial photography, most of the time, pulling a permit just isn’t feasible.  (There are many times I DO purchase permits, but only when they make sense, both financially and logistically – most permits are VERY expensive in LA because they are geared toward filmmakers).

That’s why I LOVE the new Profoto A1X off camera flash – it’s like having a studio light in the palm of your hand – truly.  The power of this thing is NUTS; I’ve never seen anything so powerful and so easy … and so small.  Game changer!!!!

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