That’s me….well, a slightly photoshopped version of me…..and my family.

I’m a Louisiana native, transplanted to CA circa 1995, and subsequently “stuck” since my husband is an actor.  Let’s just say I never planned on staying this long!  But alas, here I am.  Now a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, we wrangle three wild kids who are getting too big for their britches, a dog, a cat and a few hamsters….long story.  My oldest son (now 11) has Autism, so I’m involved in pretty much anything special needs related – and volunteer (too much) with the PTA for that purpose.  My main goal is to eventually figure out how to juggle my kids (especially my “oldest” 4th child husband), my house, which has a life of its own, and my blossoming photography business.  I’ve been shooting for years, but have only been able to focus on the business aspect of it (which I innately hate, by the way) for the last couple of years….my kids tend to eat me alive on a daily basis, so it’s still a balancing act.  Well, it’s not balanced yet, but I hope to eventually get there.  I love the creative side of photography, but not the business side of it – just not as much fun!  I shoot everything from head shots to weddings to bar mitzvahs….and all things in between – and I love a challenge.  My newest endeavor is Senior Portraits, and I will be devoting most of my time to that this year – I just launched my Senior division website and I’m so excited for what’s to come.  If you wanna know more about me, follow me on twitter or facebook and I’m sure you’ll find out more than you wanted to know….or email me!  Thanks for stopping by the blog ~ talk soon, Renee