Welcome Photographers!

If you’re a fellow photographer and you’ve stumbled upon my site, first of all – welcome!  

Whether you’re here to get ideas for sessions, or to find out information about me and how I shoot, or if you’re just poking around because you like the site – I’m happy you’re here!

And no, you’re aren’t going deaf …. there’s no sound on the video above lol – thought I’d spare you the sound of my voice while looking through this info – but I AM talking about Senior Portrait photography education – something I’m super passionate about!  So passionate that I not only teach one on one classes, but also workshops – as well as team up occasionally with my cohorts Jen Basford and Patrick McBride so we can teach together.  We also run a really great private group dedicated to all things Senior Portrait Photography – you can check it out HERE

My Journey to Photography…

Although I did start college as an art major, I didn’t end up with that degree.   I switched to Psychology so I ended up with a BA from LSU in Psych… with an Art History minor.  SO YEAH, I’M SELF TAUGHT.

Growing up with a father who was a photographer as well probably exposed me to creating images at an early age. However, I basically had to teach myself everything that I know….especially the business side of things.

Sure, the photography part was fun – and then I realized… oh yeah, I’m supposed to be making money off this thing!  

I initially wanted to start my own photography biz because it was super important to me to be around for my kids as they grew up, especially having a special needs son who needed lots and lots of attention….  but y’all know how hard this biz can be – from the constant “need to stay on top”, to “how do I price my work?” to “how do I file taxes?”…. it’s overwhelming, especially for us artists.  Some of you are natural business people.  I am not.  I had to teach myself everything and it wasn’t easy.  I’d like to save some of you guys from that!

Marketing, getting clients, customer service, ordering sessions, designing albums, client management…. the list is LONG – we, as business owners, must have a handle on all of this – not to mention the TECHNICAL and creative side of what we do!  It can be overwhelming…and if you’re poking around facebook groups looking (begging) for help from other photographers, you may want to save yourself the headache and hire a MENTOR.   Studies show that the rate of success is much higher with those entrepreneurs who mentor with someone else; it’s the CONNECTION that makes the difference.  That one on one help is necessary and oh so valuable!

Because I strive to provide you with exactly what you are looking for, I offer a variety of different photography mentoring options.

I am happy to answer Questions…

If you would like to ask me anything, contact me.  I love meeting new photographers! Some of the common questions I get are:

THE  SHOOT : What type of Lighting do I use?  How do I get that sharp light without using off camera lighting?

THE  GEAR : What do I use?  Favorite lenses, etc.

THE  POST : What kind of post-processing do I love?  

THE SALE:  How do you run your sales sessions and your model team?

I enjoy spreading knowledge to fellow photographers whether aspiring or professional.  If you are seeking technical guidance, classes are offered throughout the year, dependent on how busy I am with shoots.  January – May are the best times for me to offer mentoring; however, don’t be shyreach out and ask if you are in need!!



Camera 101: BEGINNER  {this is for BASIC beginners – minimum age requirement is 15}

Class limited to 10 people | minimum of 8

  • 1 Hour Tutorial on settings for specific situations
  • 2 Hour Shoot with model. Learn lighting, posing, settings
  • 1 Hour Editing Techniques. Learn useful tools in whatever program you use.
  • This class is suited for the non-professional who wants to get to know their camera better and take better photos of their kids, or for a student who is interested in learning manual settings





Phone Mentor : All Levels

Ask Me Anything… for 1 Hour

  • Editing
  • Shooting
  • Posing
  • Lighting
  • Settings
  • Business/Marketing – these are just a few of the topics – you are not limited to these
  • $275  with $100 required to reserve





Skype Mentor: All Levels

Ask Me Anything… for 2 Hours!

  • Portfolio Review
  • Branding, marketing, business questions questions
  • How to do anything (using textures, advanced photo editing techniques) – again, just examples; this is catered to you and your needs
  • Follow Up: 1/2 hour Skype  session  in 2 weeks from Mentor Session
  • $495 with $250 required to reserve






Location / Portfolio Shoot Images: All Levels

Location Shoot

{Shooting/Posing/Lighting ONLY – no business/marketing covered}

  • Flexible times for scheduling
  • Full day up to 5 hours that includes a shoot with models
  • Tailored to YOU! Gain the skills you need in specific areas of shooting, posing, working with models, and lighting
  • Looking for light
  • What to bring for a photo shoot
  • Client etiquette
  • See how professional makeup can ease your editing
  • Great for building a portfolio
  • $1550 with $700 required to reserve






Business Mentor: All Levels

Learn the Photo “Biz”

EVERYTHING You Need To Know | The TRUE Mentor Experience

  • Flexible times for scheduling
  • Full day up to 7 hours that includes a shoot with models
  • Follow Up: 4 Skype Sessions (1 Hour each) for support / guidance / motivation
  • Tailored to YOU! Gain the skills you need in specific areas of shooting, business, etc. – I literally tell you how I do EVERYTHING
  • Everything that the in person mentoring covers, plus a month of follow up skypes with me (1 hour each)
  • $2500 with $900 required to reserve





* All sessions are fully customizable to give you the knowledge and skills that you are seeking.

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