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Pull back the curtain on Renee's Business

Renee IS NOW offering a signature course for Senior Portrait Photographers 

this is the most IN DEPTH course she has ever created and will only be offered ONLINE

if you’re exhausted & over-worked or if you can’t figure out how to make money at this, then this course is for YOU

find out how Renee scaled her business to bring in $200k a year consistently

Ever wanted to know how successful photographers like Renee run their businesses?

This is your chance to find out EVERYTHING and get coaching from Renee herself

Is this course right for you?

  • Are you new to senior photography and feel totally overwhelmed?
  • Have you purchased other systems only to find out they don’t pertain to seniors at all?
  • Do you know who Gen Z clients are and how to market to them? 
  • Do you struggle with the business part of photography and wonder how you’ll ever turn a profit?
  • Are you giving your images away and not selling prints or products, thereby leaving money on the table?

That list could be ten times longer but you get the idea.  How much longer are you willing to wait before you make a change?

If you are spending countless hours editing or figuring out a marketing plan OR if you still don’t really understand how to shoot efficiently and effectively for Gen Z clients – you NEED this course.

No one has EVER offered such an in-depth look behind the curtains at all the various facets of running a successful senior business – it’s never been done before.  Renee has offered mentoring in the past, but not at the level of THIS course.  You will learn every single part of starting and sustaining a successful senior photography business.

There is nothing that is off the table – all questions will be answered and you will be pushed to get outside of your comfort zone – in all areas of your life.  This course is more than just a photography lesson .. it’s a very deep look at how you function in all areas of your life and why it is so important to have all those pieces working well. 

Momentum is KEY – start now and don’t look back.

**New** The Influencer Model Program

Influencer Program Hero

NEW and only offered for a short time, this online course includes all the downloads and info you need.

Is this course right for you?

  • Are you struggling to try to figure out how to start a team or make money doing it?
  • Are you spending loads of time on your team and not seeing enough ROI?
  • Are you model team members not sharing the images?
  • Are you finding it hard to attract younger Gen Z clients?
  • Are you burnt out and wondering how you’re going to make this work?

If you answered yes to any of those, then this course is definitely for you!   Renee walks you through all the steps to creating and scaling an INFLUENCER based team and teaches you how to market to Gen Z – our current clients.  If you don’t know how to speak to them and reach them where they are, you will continue to struggle to find new business.

Traditional model teams are no longer working – get on board with something current and be a leader in your market – and serve your clients deeper!

(pssssst…… this is INCLUDED in the Level Up Coaching program listed above, so it you’re in need of MORE help that just a program to help attract Gen Z clients, we should hop on a call to see if you need the more intensive course)

Welcome Photographers!

a "good camera" can only take you so far ... it's NOT the gear - it's YOU who creates an image, a memory ...

You can be the best photographer - with the best gear - but unless you're actually making money at this, it's nothing more than a really REALLY expensive hobby ....

the best thing I can teach you is to find your own style .... I have no intention of creating clones; rather, we will work to find out what makes YOU the photographer you always wanted to be

If you’re a fellow photographer and you’ve stumbled upon my site, first of all – welcome!

Whether you’re here to get ideas for sessions, or to find out information about me and how I shoot, or if you’re just poking around because you like the site – I’m happy you’re here!

Make sure you also check out my private free facebook group just for photographers so I can get to know you guys better!  It’s geared toward senior photography, but anyone can join!  Click HERE to request access

My journey to photography ...

Although I did start college as an art major, I didn’t end up with that degree.   I switched to Psychology so I ended up with a BA from LSU in Psych… with an Art History minor.  SO YEAH, I’M SELF TAUGHT.

Growing up with a father who was a photographer as well probably exposed me to creating images at an early age. However, I basically had to teach myself everything that I know….especially the business side of things.

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Sure, the photography part was fun – and then I realized… oh yeah, I’m supposed to be making money off this thing!

I initially wanted to start my own photography biz because it was super important to me to be around for my kids as they grew up, especially having a special needs son who needed lots and lots of attention….  but y’all know how hard this biz can be – from the constant “need to stay on top”, to “how do I price my work?” to “how do I file taxes?”…. it’s overwhelming, especially for us artists.  Some of you are natural business people.  I am not.  I had to teach myself everything and it wasn’t easy.  I’d like to save some of you guys from that!

Marketing, getting clients, customer service, ordering sessions, designing albums, client management…. the list is LONG – we, as business owners, must have a handle on all of this – not to mention the TECHNICAL and creative side of what we do!  It can be overwhelming…and if you’re poking around Facebook groups looking (begging) for help from other photographers, you may want to save yourself the headache and apply for access to my signature online course and coaching program.   Studies show that the rate of success is much higher with those entrepreneurs who mentor with someone else; it’s the CONNECTION that makes the difference.  That one on one help is necessary and oh so valuable!

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The course is not for everyone. 

It’s not for photographers who are not interested in actually doing the work. It’s not for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives and businesses; it’s not for those who are cynical. 

It IS for photographers who are ready to Level Up in their businesses; for those photographers who don’t want to spend years spinning their wheels trying to figure out the solution to higher sales.  It is for people who are focused on senior photography or those who would like to be.  It’s for go-getters and big thinkers.

The course is delivered online with 8 weeks of live Q&A coaching calls with me and includes EVERY single thing I have used and still use in my business on a daily basis.  I pride myself on “no fluff” and will tell it like it is;  the investment into the program is substantial so you must be ready to make big changes in your business and you must be coachable. 

If you are ready for a transformative experience which will affect every other aspect of your life, schedule a call with me to see if you are a good fit.  If so, we’ll get you started on this journey right away – and if not, I will help point you in the direction that is best for you. 


Patrick Nichols

“The Level UP Your Senior Portrait Biz by Renee Bowen is top notch and that doesn’t leave anything out.  Renee covers all topics from getting your mindset right, identifying your target client, shooting, workflow, editing, pricing and sales.  She provides templates of client communication and marketing that she uses in her own business.  If you are just getting into the Senior Portrait biz, then this course can get you started with everything you need to know.  Very happy that I purchased this course!”