What is a minimum print order?

The minimum print order helps you determine your photography budget.  Specialty and a la carte items are available in addition to each photo session package. FOR MORE DETAILS:

How soon will I get my order?

Prints come in within 2 weeks; canvases in about 2-3 weeks; albums 2-4 weeks, and announcements within a week.

When will I see my photos & order?

Once we shoot, and depending on how busy I am at that time of year, your photos will be ready to view within 1-4 weeks. During the editing process, I may choose to sneak a few on social media for you; but this also depends on how busy I am at the time.

PROOFING & ORDERING is done in person only. (with the exception of my out of town clients)  I will either come to the comfort of your own home, with my iPad, and we either look through them on your TV or on my iPad, OR we will conduct the session here at my home studio.   All ordering is done at this time.  As a courtesy, I release an online gallery for you to share with out of town family – once your order is placed. Anyone can then order from this gallery, which is online for 2 weeks only. • For out of town clients, your images will be placed online for 2 weeks and we will then place your order via phone or skype.
SOCIAL MEDIA (facebook) IMAGES will be delivered after the order is paid in full.


Who does the editing and re-touches the photos ?

Yours truly!   I edit all my own images and I choose not to send them out to and “editing shop.” Many photographers send their images out for color correcting and then retouch a few; I do all my own work, from start to finish. Retouching is done by me as well – each of my sessions includes a set number of final images to choose from; these are final, ready to print images. All of these photos you see as “proofs” are chosen by me; edited to perfection & ready to order. * This means your skin will be flawless, color will be perfected, all artistic nuances will be applied before you see any of them.

I know you take way more than the “final” images I see for my event/portrait session. Can I see ALL the images you take?
In short, no. I do not, under any circumstance, release un-edited raw images to clients. Ever. I know, I know… that sounds crazy/extreme/rude. Here’s the reason: yes, I shoot a lot of photos…if I showed you all 900 photos from your portrait shoot, you’d be completely overwhelmed and wouldn’t even know where to start. Also, a lot of them are similar images; my camera shoots multiple frames per second…. I take a lot of “in between” moment shots. It’s my job, and part of my artistic process, to know which images are the best…. trust me.

The one exception to this is for Head Shots – I will release a partially edited gallery for you to look through of approximately 50 images and forward to your agents so that you can narrow it down to the number of shots included in your package. (varies) Once you decide, then final images will then be completely edited and delivered to you in digital form.


How long do you keep the images?

Images that are purchased at the time of our ordering session are the ONLY images that are archived (for one year).  Images that are not purchased to not get archived…. so yes, this means I delete them.   For events, I keep the images for three months or up to 6 months, depending on the time it takes for you to decide which ones you would either like to print or make into an album.  I purge all my discs within one year of a shoot.  It’s important for events to remember that unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I’ll still have the images. Hard drives fail, and although I back up my images on two different locations, I can never know for sure if your images will be around when you want them. I also do not have an unending supply of storage, especially with the size of the files.


Can I place my minimum order & buy more next year?

I require that all ordering be done at your in person viewing session.  Only images that are purchased are archived for one year.


How can I get digital images?

Digital collections  of the high resolution, non-watermarked images are available for purchase with most sessions and events.  They will be delivered to you on a custom designed flash drive.    I do offer a digital image for every print that is purchased (16×20 or larger – the digital image is sized according to the size print you buy. For example, if you purchase a 16×20, you will receive a 16×20 sized digital file.)  A limited copyright release for personal printing only is included with each file, but strictly prohibits altering the image in any way.  *Please note that I can only guarantee the quality of the prints when I am controlling the process.