Yep, we created an entire VIDEO and MAGAZINE devoted solely to what to expect from our makeup artist the day of your shoot – and it includes how to prep your skin too!   

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SENIOR & TEEN Portraits INCLUDE Professional Makeup

  • WHY?  Professional Makeup Artists know how to apply makeup, taking advantage of technical/natural lighting so that skin looks flawless.
  • Many times a subtle change of eye, lip or cheek color (to compliment wardrobe change) makes the difference between a “good” and “great!” photo. 
  • Don’t WORRY!  We are NOT in the biz of making you look like someone else… we want you to be comfortable and happy on this awesome day, so we will discuss at length what your comfort level with makeup is!   The goal is to have you look like YOU on your very best day.  If you want to be more adventurous with makeup, that’s fine – just let us know and don’t be afraid to speak up!  You won’t hurt our feelings!  Really!!!!
  • Jami will apply your makeup at your home before we leave for the location – she prefers a nice, kitchen table or somewhere with natural light for best results.
  • It might feel like you’re wearing a LOT of makeup but in the photos, it will not show up the same way… trust me.
  • Jami will apply beautiful false eyelashes to enhance the awesomeness of your own eyes – she is a PRO at this and does it lickity-split; if you aren’t used to wearing these, it may feel a little weird at first but they look AMAZING in photos and really draw the attention to your eyes.
jami cox makeup artist* Jami Cox is an amazing makeup artist.  She makes everyone look fabulous (even the guys). If you love the way you look …and I know you will… a suggested amount between $15-40 (or whatever you like!) would be a nice way to say “Thank You” for your flawless face!


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