Makeup Guide for Senior Portraits and Video


18 page photoshop template – Makeup Guide and How to Prep Skin for Senior Portraits + a four-minute video to send to clients.  The video can be used to let clients know what the makeup could look like from your makeup artist if you include it OR to use as inspiration and show to someone they hire OR to get a quick tutorial on how to do their own in this style.  Digital product only.


Jami Cox (my amazing makeup artist) and I created this senior portrait makeup guide – along with the accompanying video – to help our clients get completely prepped for their senior sessions.  We’ve worked with teen girls for the last thirteen years and have always included makeup in all the senior sessions I offer.  As a photographer, I know the importance of providing clients with clear information so they arrive at their session feeling confident and completely taken care of,  and this guide is one of the ways I’m able to do this.

In this 18 page guide, you’ll walk your clients through the three various stages of makeup we use. You are able to fully customize the templates with photoshop to make it your own and add/change any copy that you need to.  Upload your own images or leave the ones provided.  We also include information about how to prep your clients’ skin before the session and provide guidance on steps to take 2-3 weeks prior so that their skin will be as healthy as possible for their session.  

The video we provide is equally invaluable – since our Gen Z clients are far more willing to watch something rather than read … it’s important to make both aspects available to them.  You will be able to download the unbranded video and then upload it anywhere that allows you to privately host it.  I use vimeo and send my clients a password so they can view it on their phones, using stickyfolios to create an app for both the guide and the video.  You can optionally send the video to your clients directly; as long as it is not posted publicly on the web.  You can, however, post the shortened version (also included) on youtube, your website or on your social media.


What you will receive:

  • The 18-page Makeup Guide in photoshop templates (a zip file will be sent to you after you purchase)
  • The full-length Makeup Video (unbranded) in .mov format 
  • The shortened teaser Makeup Video to post on your website or social media

You will be responsible for printing your own pdf – no hard copies will be delivered in this purchase.  This purchase is only for the digital content outlined above. All images and copy are copyrighted Renee Bowen 2019; you are granted copyright usage by purchasing this product and you are granted permission to use copy and images provided, as long as you do not pass the images off as your own work.  You must add wording “images by” if you do not wish to replace them with your own.  You may not reproduce any content in any form and pass it off as your own, for free or for purchase. The long format full-length video must be posted privately so that it is not available anywhere online publicly where a link can be directed to it.  By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms.

all images and content copyright Renee Bowen 2020