I’m sure you’re all super sick of me talking about this Senior’s Ignite Model thing 🙂

But I must share with you a few of the images I got of Madi, my National Model Winner, from the event in San Diego March 3-6…..she also had the opportunity to be shot by amazing photographers from all over the country, but we found time to grab some shots together as well.  Here’s a few of my favorites so far…

Madi_SI_LRWM-16 Madi_SI_LRWM-14 Madi_SI_LRWM-13 Madi_SI_LRWM-12 Madi_SI_LRWM-11 Madi_SI_LRWM-10 Madi_SI_LRWM-9 Madi_SI_LRWM-8 Madi_SI_LRWM-7 Madi_SI_LRWM-6 Madi_SI_LRWM-5 Madi_SI_LRWM-3 Madi_SI_LRWM-1



Seriously…. how come I can’t have legs like that?!  🙂

Madi is just stunning and I loved that hat – and her Tori Praver swimwear – love the colors on the beach shots.

So who wants to come with me NEXT year?!   YOU can be a Senior’s Ignite Model Winner – book a Senior Portrait session with me and let me know you want to enter the competition!  Currently open to all 2014 High School Seniors!

more images from this year’s event coming soon……


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