After many years of toying with the idea, I’m finally introducing  “Glam” sessions:

Glam photo sessions are designed to transform you into an elite world of sophistication and high fashion glamor. You will be drenched with rays of light and enveloped with shadows to evoke flirty, steamy and luxurious photos. This is where housewives can become GLAMOUR GIRLS!  Celebrate who you are! Forget the laundry… forget the dog and soccer practice! Escape for a day by yourself or with a group of girlfriends to reconnect with the deepest part of you.
This is a relaxed day where you’ll feel pampered… and beautiful.      

That’s what it says on my website about this special type of session – so yeah, it’s “boudoir”, but only if you want it to be – and not your run of the mill cheesy boudoir….boudoir in my style.   
It’s really just about you feeling beautiful – and if you’re more comfy in a t-shirt, that’s totally fine.  What I want to accomplish with these sessions is two-fold:  

  • First, I want you to take a break from the craziness that is our lives & enjoy the feeling of having all the attention, all the limelight (literally) on you for a change.  It’s so easy to forget about who we are as mothers, wives, career women….we’re always giving something to someone.  Not on this day.
  • Second, I want the photos that we capture during our time together to help empower you to feel sexier, happier and healthier than you have in a long time……you’re gonna look amazing.  I know, I know… there’s that 20 pounds you want to lose – believe me, I get it.  But I have skills 😉  I know how to pose you and how to shoot you – and how to retouch you (ever so slightly) to enhance all your amazing natural beauty.  Trust me.
I’m offering an introductory DAY OF GLAM on October 21st, 2012,  just in time for the holidays – maybe you wanna surprise your significant other with something racy this year?        
I can promise you, he’d like this more than a set of new golf clubs!  heehee
Or maybe you just want this for you!  

Whatever your motivation, on the day of the shoot, you will arrive at a luxury LA hotel (to be decided upon once you are booked), and within minutes of arriving, you will be served a glass of champagne before you sit down to get pampered by both a professional makeup artist  as well as hairstylist….. within the hour, you will be transformed from everyday mom/sister/boss/wife to cover girl… and then the real fun begins!

Your custom session will last 45 minutes and can include as many “outfits” as you like…, the key to getting some amazing shots of you – whether you decide to go “all the way” nude or if you want to stay in sexy little things – or if you prefer to be more conservative….. whatever the case – the KEY is that we have a conversation about this before you show up.  We’re going to chat over the phone at length about what you want to get from this – what you think you might want to wear, your insecurities, your deep dark secrets…
ok not that, but you get the idea  

So without further ado, here are the specifics:

fine print details:  
  • $1395 total cost
  • $300 deposit required to hold your reservation | remaining balance due on day of shoot
  • Space is limited!  Reserve today
  • Includes your own password protected iPhone app of all your photos to keep (and share if you like) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Shoot will take place in a separate area than where hair/makeup is being done *you won’t be on display…unless you wanna be*
  • If you want to have this experience with a friend or two – and you all book together, you will all receive a $150 discount on the session fee.
  • If you want to book the entire day (all 6 slots) for you and your friends, then you act as the hostess and you get your experience for half off! (and they each each $150 off)  You will be responsible for organizing your friends and getting them to submit deposits, etc… but really, how fun would it be to have this experience with your best girlfriends?  If you know anyone getting married, this is a perfect bridal gift….
  • All images will be perfected and retouched by me – nobody else will see these….the album company I use is top of the line pro quality and their technicians are the only people who will see the final images besides me…speaking of the album, it will be hand crafted on velvet, fine art paper with a custom cover …. it’s gorgeous!! 

If this isn’t for you, no worries – feel free to forward this link to anyone you think may want to participate – if the interest is high, I will add another date before the holidays….and if you are thinking of doing a session like this at your own home, contact me regarding details.  It can be arranged 😉

Thanks so much for your continued support of me and my little biz!! 

ps, I also just posted info regarding my once a year, specially priced Holiday Mini Sessions for families in case you’re interested 😉

xo, R

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